Book Reviews in Progress Update

I have been reading the excellent story by Al Romeo called “The Tail of the Order of the Blue Maiden”. I hope to post the review early November.

I just received Furry Nation by Joe Strike in the mail yesterday.

I am only about 70 pages up in the book and WOW!!! I thought for a long time this was going to be a book on furry history, and just that. Joe Strike has included a lot of great personal stories and yes they go along with the fandom. Thanks to him there are 2 anime series I need to check out. Really besides Kimba I really didn’t know there was other furry anime…until now. As soon as I finish this fantastic book, I will be posting the review.

Play Bunny issue 01 Review and Download

In short female furry art, and as you might of guessed…furry porn. Which surprisingly there is very little of.

The art ranges depending on the artist and it’s more a matter of taste than anything else.

You can view and Download Play Bunny issue 01 here