MFF 2017 Thoughts and Impressions Day 1

Geez where to start I guess at the beginning when I arrived at the Hyatt I was greeted with 2 lines…both massive. Thankfully I had pre registered so my line wasn’t all that long, 90 mins compared to more than 2 hours in the regular line. If you’re familiar with the hotel that line extended all the way down to the Grand Ballroom and halfway back to the main doors. Was it crowded? I say yes but it was friendly crowd. I went to a couple of panels really had a great time like always. I thought the Memorial The Staff there set up for Quazi (A local fur we lost so tragically) was sweet.

You might have heard they moved both the Dealer’s Area and Art Alley to the nearby Convention Center. Let me tell you it was HUGE they went from 100 Dealers to 286 now add in a reported 386 artists in total it was BIG (I will be posting photos later). I picked up a lot of stuff myself including more Vintage Furry Comics and Fanzines from M&T Comics. I even met up with Eric Risher of the Furries documentary fame. Nice guy I handed him one of my cards and told him I will be reviewing his work later. He liked when I mentioned it would be a fair review, it seems he had some issues with some sites. Okay I admit it I ran out of cash, but I will be back today.

Now for the stuff I heard.

First up The Con Staff Reports a record crowd. I was told that they predict they could have broken the 8000 mark easily. It seems this year MFF made it so easy for the Dealers, some even got there rooms comped. But here is something I heard that made me smiling. It seems many of those who follow Dogpatch Press and Flayrah are just fed up with their biased reporting, and have stopping visiting those sites period.

More tomorrow