MFF 2017 Thoughts and Impressions Day 2

As I type this very early Sunday morning all I can say is that I am tired, but I know I have to go back for yet another day of fun. From roughly 1PM to 6PM I got it all planned out but in the meantime. Yesterday I could call it Friend’s Day, I met a whole lot of people I know including a couple of friends I have not seen in a very long time. That’s cons for you, you meet people from all over from a few Facebook friends. To include Joe Strike who is just as nice in person as he is is online.

Yesterday a friend and I decided to have some art done. The artist sorta kinda promised to have it done late yesterday…but it wasn’t done. Another reason I have to head back today. Which is kinda the reason I am tired, it must be at least a half mile walk along that passageway from the hotel to the Dealer’s / Art Alley. I completely lost track of how many times we went back and forth…yes it was that many.

The panels were great…again.

My first time at Whose Lion Is It Anyway PG-13 version was very funny.

But what I really want to talk about is The Furry Variety Show. REally MFF do you have to run that and Floor Wars at the exact same time? More people naturally see Floor Wars and it was reflected in that very…very…very…very long line. Meanwhile I was in line to see the Furry Variety Show which was excellent and encourage all my readers to see at least once. MFF had some great acts singers, musicians, comedy and acrobats

Obviously not the same artist but this is an example what you missed.

Every since MFF had been running Floor Wars and The Furry Variety Show at the exact same time, attendence at FVS has dropped. They really need to move one or the other to a different time.

As tired as I am back to day 3 in a few hours.