The Draw of The Fur Con

I recently noticed of how Pre MFF several local furries said that they weren’t going to MFF. Main had some pretty good reasons, bad experiences, the crowds, etc, etc. But yet on social media without exception they had posted photos if not directly taken in front of the hotel at least nearby. Some say Animals hear the call of the wald, furries hear the call of the fur con.

All Hotel Guests Should Behave Like These Furries recently posted this timely article on why furries are cleaner at hotels than anime fans. It covers the nice things we furries did for the housekeepers while at MFF including a $20 tip.

Read it here

A Review of the Documentary Furries by Eric Risher

I want to be fully truthful here I picked up a copy of the Furries documentary at MFF from Eric Risher himself. I handed him one of my cards which I use to promote this blog and told him that I would give him both a fair and honest review.

Now here it is…

This is without a doubt the best documentary on furries that I have ever seen. Nothing is made up, it only has the 100% truth. It shows furries in general as they really are, people who love the fandom and their cons while working for a living, raising their families…and not and I repeat not living in their parents basement.

Oh sure it touches on the bad side namely that Vanity Fair article and that CSI episode that I personally would not touch with a 3000 foot pole. But it’s mainly 99% positive even going so far as to give an explanation why the fandom has a sudden rush of popularity. I have to fully admit it is something that also describes me perfectly. Those who feel that they are Outcasts or introverts who really want to be apart of something bigger; But unexpectedly finding that the fandom has brought them out of their shell. I fully admit this is the case when it comes to me. I am not the same man that I was when I first joined.

I encourage everyone to watch this documentary, like Joe Strike’s book Furry Nation it’s a perfect introduction to the furry fandom. My final rating 10/10