Robert Sojkowski AKA Magnus Diridan Begs for Help

I was going to add or is this a full confession.

Really it is not my policy to out another furry but in this case I will make an exception because this man needs to be in a state run facility. From a few unnamed sources I have learned he was severe mental issues and refuses to take the drugs prescribed to him by various doctors.

Maybe this Go Fund Me page Robert Sojkowski created on the surface seems like a plea for help. But in reality it is a full confession of the facts, and this can be used as evidence in court.

His Statement:

This GoFundMe is for myself so I can right the wrongs done unto me by people who are less than thoughtful. I will be using the funds to get a lawyer so I can better defend myself against the charges brought against me by Midwest Furfest staff on 12/4/17 after my arrest the previous Friday night. The charges, Battery and Criminal Tresspassing, are both Class A Misdemeanors and carry maximum penalties of one year in jail and a fine of $2500. The sooner I can get a lawyer, the better, as the legal system does not wait for anyone. Our best plan right now is to plead not guilty and hope that there is not enough evidence against me to mount a conviction. The only concrete evidence we have for ourselves at the moment is a video of me in my fursuit leaving the hotel and being unlawfully barricaded by convention staff. We need help! Your support will mean so much to my boyfriend and I, as well as anyone who follows me on social media. It will enable me to stay out of a place that would surely wreck me and my life. In doing so my boyfriend and I will be able to move on with our life together and this will be nothing more than a bump in the road.

He calls up to a year in jail a bump in the road.

But what he doesn’t know is that the Hyatt and the Convention Center nearby has enough cameras to cover every square inch of public space. I do not doubt that this incident was covered from multiple angles and that both the police and the State’s Attorney’s office has a copy of the videos.

Really my advice to him is PLEAD GUILTY

I heard also through unnamed sources that after the Confederate Flag fursuit incident he was banned by MFF and other conventions for an unnamed number of years. A fact I have been told that he was fully aware of. Like the threats to his personal safety made by other furries. He knew that he wasn’t wanted but went anyway.

Or as the late Great Sammy Davis Jr once put it

It seems there is a update for this piece. It seems that GoFundMe page has since been taken down.

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