Meet the ‘Cosplay Parents’ devoting retirement to costumes and conventions

Taylor Weik for NBC News did a great piece of a retired couple Steve and Millie Tani who cosplay to have fun.

Good for them read their story here

Anderson: ‘It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever done’

By Goldie Rapp for BCRNews

Really it a great piece on what it was like for a newbie to the fandom to come to their very first furcon as a newbie to the furry fandom. Ironically the main focus of the piece Tom Anderson and I went to the very same furcon at the very same time that was MFF 2013. Except for him I was a mess. I know my experience isn’t typical but it does happen. Going to your very first fur con is to say the least unique. That is why I generally advise people when you go to your first have friends come along. This way you can handle things better if things can get overwhelming. Well that is what happened to me, and not Mr. Anderson who had a good time. I encourage everyone to go to a fur con at least once in their lives. Ironically again, even though MFF 2013 was my first. If I had to do it again, I would of went to a smaller con first. The sight of nearly 9,000 furries at MFF this year was and can be overwhelming, especially to those who have trouble dealing with large numbers of people.