Review with download of Fuzzy Thoughts issue 1

Gloomstadt: Bird Brain by James Street

Asked the question what would happen if you put the brain of a bird in a Frankenstien type of monster. Answer is very funny CHIRP!!!

Beware of The Dog by Willie Jimenez

A household pet turns into an anthro fighter when robbers come. Interesting take, very unsual still good though.

Astrix: Cheer by Travis Castleberry

What cheerleaders actually say I found this both funny and very truthful

Funny Bunnies by Willie Jimenez

Okay I admit it I don’t get it a woman asks why rabbit ear? While standing next to a sortaanthro rabbit

Gloomstadt: Down for The Count by James Street

Typical story 2 lost traveler’s go to a castle with a very vampire like host. The pickled garlic addition I found really save the day for this one.

Why Princess Are Never Catgirls by PT Cooper

Cats and birds never go well together and neither does cat princess

I Used to Work There by Ashley Rowland

This really does happen at fast food restaurants I should know I worked in one.

Super-Catgirl by Willie Jimenez

Sorry to say all this is an introduction to a brand new character.

Gloomstadt: Pain In The Neck by James Street

I expected that is what you will say to yourself after reading this. It’s a combo of an overly agressive door to door salesman. The customer running for their life think that the salesman is a vampire and the real thing. Good read.

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