MFF 2017 Line Con

This is my own video of my wait in line at MFF 2017 to get my badge

Review and Download of Karno’s Klassics #20

Kjartan Arnorsson humor is throughout this issue Like Mickey Mouse calling a lawyer to divorce Minnie Mouse after seeing her with Goofy. The bit on Farts is funny. There is even a piece on violence and gun control, he does make a point.Like Savage Squirrel giving his take on Gun Control. The happy faces parody is really good. Overall an excellent issue 10/10

You can download Karno’s Klassics #20 here

Califur Cancelled

Yesterday Califur announced on their site

That the 2018 convention was cancelled

A dark day has befallen us as we have had to make the difficult decision to announce that Califur 2.14 will not be held in 2018. Our Staff has left no stone unturned to research and find a home for Califur this year and although talks were close, they were not able to work out. We nearly secured a new home, but unfortunately, we learned the location had already booked out space that we needed.

They also say

All current registrants WILL carry over until next year, we guarantee that. If after hearing what we have planned, you still want to remove your support for Califur 3, you may request a refund of your contribution for Califur 2.14. Truth be told due to convention expenses, and hotel issues last year, not everyone can be refunded. We will do the best we can to get you refunded as soon as possible as long as you request it. To request a refund, Please send an email to: This email needs to contain your UID (located in the confirmation email), your Paypal email address, and your Paypal Transaction ID. Please NOTE that unfortunately due to our impending move we are unable to guarantee that pricing will be as affordable as years past. Those who choose to extend their membership will attend Califur 3 at Califur 2.14 prices. All refund requests will be responded to, and we will work with you to get your refund as soon as possible. Also, note that the oldest payees that request refunds (those who paid at the last convention) will get priority over those who just recently paid.

In mythology, The Phoenix is able to rise from the ashes of its own destruction and be reborn into a smarter stronger being. CF is the Phoenix, from the ashes of ConFurence was born Califur, now from the ashes of Califur 2 we are REBORN as Califur 3 – Year of the Phoenix and we can’t wait to see all of our Southern California furry brethren as we rise again. See you in 2019.

The Califur Phoenix

I wish them the very best for 2019

Frozen Treat Time by by Takemoto Arashi