The Pervert by Michelle Perez

“The Pervert” is a comic about a Seattle-based trans woman struggling as a sex worker to make enough money for hormones and gender confirmation surgery.

To quote The Huffington Post

Written by Michelle Perez and illustrated by Remy Boydell ― both trans women ― the comic offers a humanizing portrait brimming with wit and melancholy, despite the fact that it revolves around an anthropomorphized canine. In the opening scene, Felina goes down on a “fiscally conservative, socially libertarian” guy in a fast food joint. While performing the act, she zones out, focusing her attention on the dining establishment’s hypnotic ball pit and the kids playing inside. Her mental landscape is illustrated in dreamy watercolors, a palette reminiscent of a bowl of Fruit Loop.

Looking into this subject is difficult for most, except for the author Michelle Perez who actually lived it according to the original post.