Solo: A Star Wars Story Film Review No Spoilers

It was all the talk about Solo being both good and bad that actually got me to see it. I know as strange as it sounds they are both right. Overall Solo: A Star Wars Story is a good film, you can’t fault the acting, the directing or even the script. The film has enough action to keep anyone excited. But what is bad about the film you may wonder. For the most part, it is very predictable. In fact, about 70% is that way, you have seen the same things in other films and you know what is going to happen next. The reason that is an issue if you have seen the original trilogy, you just know Han Solo is very unpredictable. Unless you have seen the films countless times you can’t quite be certain what is his next move. Even in The Force Awakens, Han Solo’s next move was uncertain. More than in this film. But I will say when he does become unpredictable that is when the film shines.

Really I am not going to tell you that you should not see this film or just wait until it lands on one of those streaming services. If your curious go ahead and see it, just know you will be asking yourself, “Why on earth would he do that” a lot.