Film Review: Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation (Spoiler Free)

First of all, I want to make it clear to everyone that I have NEVER seen any of the previous Hotel Transylvania films. In fact, I was drawn to this film because of that HILARIOUS trailer.

So I really didn’t know what to expect, but let me tell you this film does not disappoint. It is absolutely HILARIOUS from beginning to end. I will even go as far to say that the animated credits at the very end of the film are absolutely worth watching.

Mary and The Witch’s Flower Spoiler Free Film Review

Like I told a friend Harry Potter it isn’t. Mary and The Witch’s Flower is an incredible film with so many twists and turns you know you have to watch it a second time to absorb everything.

The visuals are stunning, there are points you can’t even tell it’s an animated film. Story / Plot unique but very entertaining, all I can really say here is Mary and The Witch’s Flower is one of those films you really want to watch to the very end. Really you will not be able to figure out what happens next save for a few times. A film all ages will enjoy, and like I said quite unique. All I can say for the Harry Potter reference it’s similar at one point, but circumstances are far different. This is where it gets interesting more like will they or won’t they. See I set myself for a spoiler free review and I am already hinting at a major plot point.

All I really can say is this if you enjoy the trailer you will absolutely love the film.

My score 10/10

Incredible 2 Film Review (Spoiler Free)

I knew when I saw both the opening of The Incredible 2 by the voice actors and that warning on the light sensitivity issue that some might have that I was about to see something very special. WOW!!! Excuse the word but it truly was an INCREDIBLE film. Really in some ways far better than the original, which I did see before I went to see the sequel. A far deeper story, way-way deeper plot, the animation is far better than the original. Easter Eggs galore, and so much if I even say a word more about it. Except to say it does have a good ending, everything including that much talked about the scene with the “Underminer”. To this furry makes a whole lot of sense and any talk that is doesn’t or whatever. In my opinion, they did not see the film. Because there is no other conclusion, like Jack – Jack’s powers and who becomes that kids babysitter at one point simply had the audience stunned. I am really not joking.

Incredibles 2 is truly one of Pixar’s best.

The whole family will enjoy this film guaranteed.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Film Review No Spoilers

It was all the talk about Solo being both good and bad that actually got me to see it. I know as strange as it sounds they are both right. Overall Solo: A Star Wars Story is a good film, you can’t fault the acting, the directing or even the script. The film has enough action to keep anyone excited. But what is bad about the film you may wonder. For the most part, it is very predictable. In fact, about 70% is that way, you have seen the same things in other films and you know what is going to happen next. The reason that is an issue if you have seen the original trilogy, you just know Han Solo is very unpredictable. Unless you have seen the films countless times you can’t quite be certain what is his next move. Even in The Force Awakens, Han Solo’s next move was uncertain. More than in this film. But I will say when he does become unpredictable that is when the film shines.

Really I am not going to tell you that you should not see this film or just wait until it lands on one of those streaming services. If your curious go ahead and see it, just know you will be asking yourself, “Why on earth would he do that” a lot.

Cars 3 Review

I saw Cars 3 yesterday and as much as some of you think it’s the same old, same old Disney/Pixar animated film. You would be wrong. Oh sure why hide what you saw in the ad/trailer that Lightning McQueen get involved in a terrible accident on the track while trying to beat a high speed rookie named Jackson Storm. I know this hasn’t been talked about in other reviews. But mainly the film is about retirement, knowing when your time has past. That can be a really difficult time for some of us. Lightning McQueen is no exception, all the while dealing with the countless changes in his life. For example Rustzees being sold to another company, is it’s new owner trying to help him or just use him, getting a trainer. Seeking out the answer to ‘Why we race”, we also learn Doc Hudson was a bigger part of his life than we knew. When he died part of McQueen also died.

All as the end kept on getting closer I kept on thinking it was going to be the same old ending. But McQueen never finishes the final race in the film. To reveal any more than that is a HUGE spoiler.

I just want to say being the fan of the entire series. This one left me both happy and sad…and I will not tell you why. You have to see the film for yourself.

I give it 9/10

Dad’s Army (2015) film review

I know this is odd talking about a film that was barely released out of England. But being both a fan of the original BBC series which ran from 1968 to 1977, and a history buff when it comes to WW2, this comedy strikes GOLD.

It’s basic plot female German spy enters town and tries to use what the spirits gave her to get information out of unexpecting soldiers. But throw in stupidity, being a bit naive,and outright British slapstick. You will great an an amazingly funny film, really they did nothing wrong. Even when the female spy tries to play one soldier off of another to get them arguing that blows up in her face when they don’t want to hurt the others feelings. Throw in a good chunk of comedy like getting stuck in a window, trampled by a rather tame bull, or losing a battle with a black board. You will know you have seen something very special.

I admit the subject of WW2 can be dark like the times we live in. But really it’s good to laugh, and enjoy the action in this brilliant comedy.

Film Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Call this a no spoiler fan review of someone who never really liked the 3rd film in the series. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales simply blew me away as soon as the bank robbery scene started, and that is no spoiler. Neither is stealing and destroying the entire bank in the process.

Really I think Pirate’s 5 have literally gone back to why the Pirates of the Caribbean films have been so popular over the years. Comedy mixed with HARDCORE pirate action, and with this film they really nailed it.

I know there are a lot of reviews out there, the same number as the plot holes in the last 4 films combined. Which I fully admit frustrated me, and unless I am mistaken all of them are wrapped up neatly at the end. Really I am as positive as I can be all of them including the Flying Dutchman to why Capt. Jack Sparrow got his name and title are all explained.

Now that would be a spoiler.

They do it brilliantly and I was very satisfied in the end and happy I saw it.

Maybe you would too.