Wish Dragon Review by Ahmar Wolf

I will fully admit I came aware of Wish Dragon via social media, namely Facebook and Twitter posts. Now finally seeing it, the film wasn’t really what I expected, in fact it’s far better.

Lets start off it’s very similar to Disney’s Aladdin and the Wish Dragon reminds me so much of The Genie. Of course there are differences, namely the father of the rich woman is about to go bankrupt, and the mother of our hero Dan is the kind of mother we all wish we had.

For a while it felt as if I was watching a clone of Disney’s Aladdin, and it made me feel uncomfortable.


Li Na finally realizes that this young man Din is her old childhood friend. This is where the film totally shines and comes in on it’s own. Wants vs What you really need, the truth about the Wish Dragon and why they became a Wish Dragon and oh yeah, Li Na father dies all in the name of greed. But does he stay dead, you won’t get the answer from me.

Wish Dragon has such an amazing ending, Let’s just say this, “Everyone gets the ending they deserve”, even the Wish Dragon… and a God.

Really I am not joking, and 10 broken tea cups are apart of it.

Really if you can hold up during the parts that are so heavily influenced by Disney’s Aladdin. You will get to a very happy ending where even the Henchmen of the evil villain have a part in that.

Apparently the bad guy “Pockets” hadn’t heard the old saying, “Because what you wish for, you might just get it”. The way he gets his is more or less his own fault.

In short the Wish Dragon is a good film, I give it more a 7 out of 10 and that is mainly for the last half of the film. If you have Netflix you should give it try.

Raya and The Last Dragon Review

I will admit I heard some not so good reviews on this film. But decided to watch it anyway and I was blown away. A story line just as deep as in The Last Airbender TV series, enough visuals that I swear it would take repeated viewing just to absorb it all. With an ending frankly I never saw coming.

Raya and The Last Dragon is worth watching you will find a great story, with enough of a mix that the film will draw you in, and your scared to take your eyes off the screen. Because you are scared you will miss something. I found when I had to get up I had to pause the film, just so I wouldn’t miss something. Which frankly was a lot, and I still am not sure when I wrote this, did I see hints at other Disney films.

In short this film is fantastic and I give it my highest recommendation easily a very solid 10.

Flora and Ulysses Movie Review

I am delighted to say Flora and Ulysses is just as great as it looks. In this film you have an animal control officer who is obsessed with squirrels, a completely mad cat, and so many truly wonderful characters that I find it impossible just to name one. Everyone was great, and so was Ulysses. Like Rocket Raccoon you will love that squirrel, there character is truly wonderful, a cross some where between Superman and a lovable pet.

Ulysses changes an entire family from divorcing to everyone is back together as one. What can I say I love this film!!!

If you don’t have Disney Plus right now, find someone that has it and see this film… NOW

Live Action Mulan Mini Review

Being a history buff and a fan of animation, your very well aware of the historical inaccuracies many films. Even though I do love the animated Mulan, it doesn’t even come close to the way things really were.

With that said, the live action Mulan is more accurate, although at times it looked more like many of those Kung Fu action films that come out of Hong Kong for the most part.

All I can say it is watchable and I actually enjoyed it. Which is something to say since I had originally planned on watching it in the theater. Although not as good as the animated version, there is nothing wrong with the film, but it does not compare with the 2009 Chinese production. If you get a chance to see this I highly recommend doing so…if you want to see a terrific live action version. I think Disney would have done better if they used the 2009 writers.

Once again it’s watchable, and you might even like it.

But in the meantime check out the trailer for the 2009 film

Fritz The Cat (1972) Film Review NSFW

Some might be wondering why am I reviewing, what is now a 48 year old movie? Simply because of my Amazon Prime membership, I was allowed to see the film for the very first time with no ads and surprisingly intact.

Let me start out by saying given the way furry art is these days, the art of the film could have been done today by furries.

Be warned some of the following images are NSFW PERIOD, and I repeat NSFW. So no complaining later after all I did not warn you.

Also given that the film is older than most of my readers, I am going to include plenty of spoilers as I see no way of telling you the story of this 1 hour and 20 min movie without including them.

The film starts out in the park where Fritz and his 2 friends try and preform in the park (they play guitars) and failing…

After they see these 3 women go after a crow, who turns out to be gay they go hunting for women. Not to kill but have sex.

Noted the orgy scene in the bathtub, but only after they had some weed. Yes drug and alcohol use is in this movie in fact it’s a key plot device.

It is a strange mix, I would agree human anatomy and sometimes male sex organs, but the female ones are always there. Very much like today’s furry art. Each character identifies itself as a different species for example cops are pigs and African Americans are crows, and generally in the film males only wear clothes above the waist.

Take this later scene where Fritz wants to be apart of the crow community, and almost starts a bar fight, but cooler heads. Which then lead to stealing a car, the cops get involved and this happens.

See what I am saying of how even this is a 48 year old movie it’s very much furry before there even was furry.

Later Fritz and his new friend wind up at the crow’s place and after drugs…the inevaluable happens.

After this Fritz wants the crows to rise up and fight The Man. This only echos the Black Power Movement and it is only by accident he starts a Police Riot where many crows are killed and Fritz is on the run.

After a friend picks him up they make their way across the country only to break up and leaving Fritz in the desert. All because he could not tell of the engine was broken or they were just plain out of gas.

This then leads Fritz to some creatures we would called Terrorists these day and gets radicalized.

Now get this he gets himself involved in a plot to blow up a power plant.

I included this image to show you how far away Fritz is from that dynamite. Which his associate is about to set off while he is up there, and yes Fritz is blown up. Not killed, but only to wind up later in the hospital covered head to toe with bandages.

Later 4 of his female friends show up at the hospital and Fritz is in bad shape. But once he awakens this happens.

I kid you not the film ends with an orgy in his hospital room with a cop standing guard on the door crying.

For an old film it holds up remarkably well, and I would agree it’s a bit dated in some parts. But for the time it was made makes perfect sense. If you want to see a mainstream yiff with a good story. Check out Fritz the Cat, and you don’t have to subscribe to Amazon Prime like I did to see this. It is available though multiple sources and many of them are free. I bet the filmmakers would be surprised that quite a few furries consider Fritz the Cat, a furry film, even thought it wasn’t meant to be.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Review

I love the Star Wars films, although I do not consider myself a HARDCORE fan. I do love the originals, really like The Phantom Menace and do very occasionally but not too often watch The Revenge of The Sith, and think the Disney Star Wars films are not terrible but just about average.

Yesterday I actually saw The Rise of Skywalker and after 15 minutes into this, I know this was not going to be a simple review for me to write. Why? 2 things got annoying for me very fast was the overuse of helicopter shots. I swear the number of times they showed off the countryside actually lasted longer than the scene itself. The other thing to me was the number of times Rey and Kylo Ren battled, even though they were on different places in the galaxy, some many lightyears apart somehow they get together and do a well-choreographed battle…but really…that many times? In a few, I though stealth would have worked better. But that is just my opinion.

Although I will admit there are a number of scenes I thought were done very well, as the opening. The film could frankly stand good editing, I say shorten it by 30 minutes and it would be better.

Overall the story was pretty good, the acting competent and so were the special effects. I really thought the entire scene that took place on what remained of the Death Star 2 from Return of the Jedi was almost great and so were the final battle with one exception and this is no spoiler BTW. How much power does a Jedi have? At the very end, GOD Like, and really I wish I were joking. If the emperor had that much power in Jedi, the empire would have won instead.

The ending made sense and frankly us older fans were happy someone finally got their medal. For the record, only 4 regulars from the original films survive to the end.

Overall I would say it is not as horrible or as disappointing as some have said. If you want to go and see it do. I will not say you will or won’t be disappointed it’s more what do you expect? It’s a Disney Star Wars film and you have seen the 1st 2 right? It is better than The Force Awakens. That I promise.

I saw mine at a bargain day at my favorite theater and I felt I got my money’s worth.

If I have to score this film which I will and keep in mind 7 on these scales are average. I give it maybe a 7.6 but don’t go in expecting an epic this film does have issues and you will see them, that I promise.

Knives Out: Film Review (No Spoilers)

I went to see Knives Out yesterday and it turned out to be both funny and have one of the best NON BBC mysteries I have ever seen. When you think it was going one way, it wasn’t for long and that ending took me totally by surprise. If you love good mysteries and like to laugh Knives Out is a fantastic film

Film Review: Once Upon A Time in Hollywood (No Spoilers)

Really the only thing I knew about Once Upon A Time in Hollywood was from the trailer. Also, it had something to do with Sharon Tate and the connection to Charles Manson. With the obvious out there, let me tell you in this film you get a perfect glimpse of what Hollywood was like in 1969. Sometimes funny, sometimes weird, and the backbiting made an attack by a werewolf seem tame. Although there are no werewolves in the film. You get a story of both Hollywood as it was and still is to some degree and of an actor and his stunt double/ driver.

The story was great, the plot wonderful, but that ending was totally unexpected and well worth waiting for. I really recommend seeing it.

Film Review: Hobbs and Shaw (No Spoilers)

I saw The Fast and The Furious: Hobbs and Shaw, and I know what you are waiting for. It is a good film and even if your not a fan of the franchise and know the actors better than the series. You will enjoy it, tons of action, some of the best stunts I have ever seen. Hobbs and Shaw is the kind of film you can enjoy, without thinking too much about the plot. Which to me was a bit corny and maybe the end was too. But like I said you will have fun, I know I enjoyed it too.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 Film Review (Spoiler Free)

The Secret Life of Pets 2 was a real surprise, yes I saw the trailers but it did not go into how much has changed for all the major characters and it was delightful. Seeing them all getting used to a new normal. But like the first, it was totally insane, and I laughed myself into a sore throat this morning. There is so much I like to talk about but can’t, because I don’t want to ruin it for you. I know it’s weird saying this but Harrison Ford as the farm dog Rooster was perfect casting. As Rooster was the most level headed being in the entire film. Seeing a Cat Lady to end all Cat Ladies, and her cats driving her car. The whole bit with the circus, Daisy, and Snowball made me laugh the hardest. The fight to the death between that circus monkey and Snowball made me thought I was losing my mind, and you will not believe what happens to the Siberian Tiger. Not even after you see it.

Okay, I will allow myself one tiny spoiler, during the ending Snowball sings Panda, the absolutely funniest version of that song I have ever seen period. I thought I was going to die laughing.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 will make you forget about your problems and make you smile even the day after you have seen it.