Wish Dragon Review by Ahmar Wolf

I will fully admit I came aware of Wish Dragon via social media, namely Facebook and Twitter posts. Now finally seeing it, the film wasn’t really what I expected, in fact it’s far better.

Lets start off it’s very similar to Disney’s Aladdin and the Wish Dragon reminds me so much of The Genie. Of course there are differences, namely the father of the rich woman is about to go bankrupt, and the mother of our hero Dan is the kind of mother we all wish we had.

For a while it felt as if I was watching a clone of Disney’s Aladdin, and it made me feel uncomfortable.


Li Na finally realizes that this young man Din is her old childhood friend. This is where the film totally shines and comes in on it’s own. Wants vs What you really need, the truth about the Wish Dragon and why they became a Wish Dragon and oh yeah, Li Na father dies all in the name of greed. But does he stay dead, you won’t get the answer from me.

Wish Dragon has such an amazing ending, Let’s just say this, “Everyone gets the ending they deserve”, even the Wish Dragon… and a God.

Really I am not joking, and 10 broken tea cups are apart of it.

Really if you can hold up during the parts that are so heavily influenced by Disney’s Aladdin. You will get to a very happy ending where even the Henchmen of the evil villain have a part in that.

Apparently the bad guy “Pockets” hadn’t heard the old saying, “Because what you wish for, you might just get it”. The way he gets his is more or less his own fault.

In short the Wish Dragon is a good film, I give it more a 7 out of 10 and that is mainly for the last half of the film. If you have Netflix you should give it try.