Bearly Furcasting feat. Taebyn Podcast

Is a A weekly discussion with Taebyn on current events, Furry Culture, Interviews with notable Furs, and random stuff.

Featured Guests have been Grubbs Grizzly, Renegade Roo, Strongbob Fox, as well as others.

Bearly Furcasting can be found HERE as well as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts as well as others

Fur Con News: Anthro New England, Howloween

Anthro New England Announces Guests of Honor

A word about “Circles” it is possibly the great furry publication anywhere as it opens the gay community to all who are not apart of it. Showing both it’s good side and it’s bad.

Howloween Chair Person Steps Down

Howloween would like to extend a chainsaw waving salute to our vice chair @WildElements for their many years of tireless service! They are stepping back to focus on personal life goals & we will sincerely miss them. To all staff, new and old, we you! Thx for volunteering!

As reported on Twitter