Anthro NE Update

Turns out that was a record the previous record was 2570 set back in 2020. Way to go ANE!!!


Being I wasn’t there and all I can do is report what others saw.

College student age people came into the hotel lobby and asked fursuiters sexually awkward questions on camera for social media. Con security had their paws full for a while dealing with them. They were escorted out of the hotel by the police.

Anthro New England Registration Open

Anthro NE is set for Jan 20 – 22. 2023

Anthro New England Releases Fursuiters Photo

That’s over 500 fursuiters according to their post on Twitter… WOW!!!

Anthro New England Releases Schedule

If you can’t be there sadly I include myself I know a few of you are thinking about Anthro New England. To why the answer is simple on Friday February 18 at 11:30 AM ET They are going to have a Guest of Honor Meet and Greet and sometime during this hopefully details about Circles 4 will be revealed.

I promise all of you as soon as a video is posted I will re post it here.

Link to schedule

Anthro New England Guests, Aquatifur Charity total

Anthro New England announces that Chise will be their special guest

In addition their Guests of Honor will be the creators of Circles and Nightlinez

Fur Con News: Anthro NE COVID Policy, MFF Opens Dealer Applications

Fur Con News: Anthro New England, Howloween

Anthro New England Announces Guests of Honor

A word about “Circles” it is possibly the great furry publication anywhere as it opens the gay community to all who are not apart of it. Showing both it’s good side and it’s bad.

Howloween Chair Person Steps Down

Howloween would like to extend a chainsaw waving salute to our vice chair @WildElements for their many years of tireless service! They are stepping back to focus on personal life goals & we will sincerely miss them. To all staff, new and old, we you! Thx for volunteering!

As reported on Twitter

Anthro New England VC Set for Feb.