Anime Midwest 2021: My 1st Con in 1 1/2 years Part 1

Depending on how you look at it Illinois lifting a lot of those COVID restrictions could either be a good or bad thing… depending on how you look at it. Me I just knew I had to get out and have fun and actually shed a lot of that COVID STRESS we are all feeling. Also very frankly I didn’t know what to expect and what I found is frankly enough for an articles to cover more than a few days.. By then a video I pieced together will be up on YouTube of the unadulterated LINE CON I experienced and frankly I was happy waiting.

So taking both my vaccination card and my ID I happily went to Anime Midwest yesterday. What I found was this…

That is only part of it… wait to you see the full video.

I had been there 10 – 15 minutes or so after arriving at roughly 9:30 AM when a member of the staff came up and asked if we were Pre-Registered. Those who weren’t including myself was then brought to a 2nd line. Now here is one of many shocks I had that day. Most of those people waiting were Pre-Registered. There was only about 20 of us who actually needed to Register.

It wasn’t until 9:48 that we were allowed to head to where registration was to take place.

A few minutes later that gates opened.

Really my biggest complaint was nobody new what was going on.

After I got my badge and if you have been to the Stephens Convention Center before. You know there is a short cut exit through The Great Exopotera, is a mid price sit down restaurant connected to the convention center. It leads directly to the front door of the nearby Hyatt, where there was a panel I wanted to see and was missing second by second as time ticked by. I found the door was locked and no one knew it was closed. I only found out later that it was going to be open at 11:30 AM for the Lunch Crowd.

And you can look this up on any map I had to go all the way around through the Dealers area, the front door of the convention center, down a short road to the Hyatt. In my hurry I forgot about the corridor connecting both places.

But more on the Hyatt Regency O’Hare tomorrow…