Anime Midwest 2022

Anime Midwest took place on July 1-3rd at both the Stevens Convention Center and the Hyatt Regency O’Hare ironically the same locations as MFF. Except one huge difference Anime Midwest averages are 15,000 over the weekend. I went on a Saturday and this article reflects my own experiences.

As strange as it might seem just wait

and all of this happened in less than 30 minutes.

So by the time it actually opened

What I found was a great selection of artworks and other unique items. In fact there was both a dealer selling anime style swords made out of wood. I was amazed they really did not feel heavy or out of balance. But also one dealer selling brand new Switch games, as well as some used retro titles.

I am sorry the convention had rules about taking photos in the Dealers area.

The initial crowd if you could call it was very lite.

As I found out the hard way Anime Midwest is a tale of 2 cons. Go early which is a great time to hit up The Dealers Area, but by early afternoon it is so crowded I could not even take a clear photo. All this happened around their version of Whose Line. Whose Anime Is It? which I honestly enjoyed and was the main reason I went on a Saturday.

This is the only usable I took as the rest are just bad. The line was very long, in fact surprisingly so. I was at the other end of the hotel when this photo was taken. People seemed to come out of no where.

Turns out they arrive later for certain panels as well as the Raves that took place much later in the evening.

Anime Cons are like any con, it’s what you make of it. I had a good time despite the massive crowd and planning to return.

Below is a video I made of the walk along the DREADED CORRIDOR which was honestly worse than during MFF. It was bloody hot!!!

The ironic twist is this was made at the exact same time as my last MFF Corridor video

Anime Midwest 2021: My 1st Con in 1 1/2 years Part 3

I almost forgot this

There was fursuiters, like there is at any anime con as you can see. My only problem was that we weren’t in the same location, at the same time.

Since I had time before I checked out some more panels. It was time for Lunch and the Dealers Area.

By now The Great Expotera, the restaurant that is connected to the convention center was finally opened. Thankfully they had there regular menu, including their anime con special Ramen.

They make an excellent ramen, I happened to have the curry one and it was delicious.

Now on to Dealers Area

By now their restaurants were also open

One can only assume the lack of the normal numbers of Dealers was due to the pandemic. Also there was a lot more space between Dealers than usual. This photo shows a good example of this.

…and yes I did spend a portion of my pay on stuff.

Overall despite what issues their was of being the 1st major con since pandemic restrictions were lifted. I had a great time, as for masks. About half there wore masks… including myself. Just wanted to play it safe.

Hopefully things will be better when fingers crossed MFF will happen. But everyone has to start somewhere.

I am a gamer and the amount of stuff I own is crazy. But here is something just for fun.

I brought my 3DS with me, more out of curiosity than anything. You see the 3DS can swap data with other 3DS’ and mine connected with 9. The thing with these data swaps you never quite know all you get until you start playing one of your old games.


I have no plans on at this moment to go to any other cons, except MFF when it happens. If I do others and especially MFF I will be doing more reports. With much more detail, so check out the Anime Midwest 2021 podcast when it gets posted.

Anime Midwest 2021: My 1st Con in 1 1/2 years Part 2

Everything looked okay at first when I entered the Hyatt Regency O’Hare was able to find the panel which was called The Misadventures of Having a Podcast. Which I joined 20 minutes in progress. It was a good panel the story how it came to be is worth noting. It seems the 3 who hosted it originally submitted it back in 2018 and completely forgot about. Until Anime Midwest contacted them a few months ago, and the presentation was only done days earlier. They even joked that the con might have been desperate for panels. They also remarked that I could of easily done a panel as I have experienced so much blogging and podcasting.

If you been to the Hyatt Regency O’Hare before you are familiar with the O’Hare American Grill. It’s a mid-priced lobby level restaurant.

Which during any convention is always busy, but as you see in the photo it’s almost empty. Also there normally great selection was limited. I was there for their Breakfast menu and it was all pre wrapped and boxed. Such as a breakfast burrito, pancakes and bacon, and etc.

But of everything I did that day the very best was “Whose Line is it Anime?” obvious a version of the famous “Whose Line”. It was funny, I laughed my ass off, and no joke I felt all the stress in my body melting away the more I laughed.

I went to a few more panels and events that day, but “Whose Line” was the very best it also had the biggest crowd I seen down there

This is only part of it.

I was on the other end of that line.

More tomorrow where I talk about both fursuiters, and the all important Dealers Area

Anime Midwest 2021: My 1st Con in 1 1/2 years Part 1

Depending on how you look at it Illinois lifting a lot of those COVID restrictions could either be a good or bad thing… depending on how you look at it. Me I just knew I had to get out and have fun and actually shed a lot of that COVID STRESS we are all feeling. Also very frankly I didn’t know what to expect and what I found is frankly enough for an articles to cover more than a few days.. By then a video I pieced together will be up on YouTube of the unadulterated LINE CON I experienced and frankly I was happy waiting.

So taking both my vaccination card and my ID I happily went to Anime Midwest yesterday. What I found was this…

That is only part of it… wait to you see the full video.

I had been there 10 – 15 minutes or so after arriving at roughly 9:30 AM when a member of the staff came up and asked if we were Pre-Registered. Those who weren’t including myself was then brought to a 2nd line. Now here is one of many shocks I had that day. Most of those people waiting were Pre-Registered. There was only about 20 of us who actually needed to Register.

It wasn’t until 9:48 that we were allowed to head to where registration was to take place.

A few minutes later that gates opened.

Really my biggest complaint was nobody new what was going on.

After I got my badge and if you have been to the Stephens Convention Center before. You know there is a short cut exit through The Great Exopotera, is a mid price sit down restaurant connected to the convention center. It leads directly to the front door of the nearby Hyatt, where there was a panel I wanted to see and was missing second by second as time ticked by. I found the door was locked and no one knew it was closed. I only found out later that it was going to be open at 11:30 AM for the Lunch Crowd.

And you can look this up on any map I had to go all the way around through the Dealers area, the front door of the convention center, down a short road to the Hyatt. In my hurry I forgot about the corridor connecting both places.

But more on the Hyatt Regency O’Hare tomorrow…

Anime Midwest 2018 Afterthoughts

There are a few things I can add about my experience, and I thought about this before the survey that con, had sent to my email inbox this morning.


I felt as safe there as I did at MFF, really had zero issues. Everyone was friendly and I really had a great time.

Costumes both Cosplay and Fursuits

Frankly, I didn’t see that many costumes maybe 1% if that of the attendees were even wearing one. Literally, the most cosplay outfits I saw in 1 place was at Whose Lion is It Anyway?

and as you can see it was by the people running it.

I want to apologize to any other fursuiter who was there but I only saw 1 and here is proof.

I really don’t remember their name, but they were extremely understanding and posed for that photo.

Other than that you can look at my photos here

Anime Midwest: Last Day

Sunday down at Anime Midwest was in a word “INCREDIBLE”. Literally some of the best panels I have ever been to I attended. The very best for me at least was called The Movie Forum hosted by Greyson Bishop, a panel barely 15 people attended. It really got into what people liked and didn’t like about some movies. We even got into films people rarely talk about such as Night of the Lepus. I really wish it ran for more than an hour, it was that good. The most unusual one was Whose Lion is It Anyway? hosted by Zuzu and company. One that is a staple at most fur cons, expect this one was Voltron themed. Was it any good you might ask? Yes, I laughed as much as the rest of the audience.

If the Swap Meet had a host I did not see one, but if you were like me and were unsure what it is. Think no further than any Yard Sale or Garage Sale you have ever been too. You set up on what space you can find as the buyers go past. I managed to sell some DVDs I won’t say how much I made. But I did make back more than half of what I spent at the con.

The rest of my time there was great and more than likely I will be back next year.

Now for what I promised, what was in that Furry Mystery Box.

The contents

I think it was a good purchase.

Now on a personal note, my 3DS shook hands so to speak with 9 more yesterday this bringing my total up to 24 for the weekend. Was it worth it? yep again I got so much stuff in those handshakes it literally will take me a couple of days to go through it all.

I would also suggest if you own a 3DS or Switch sign up for My Nintendo. Yes, Nintendo has a reward program when you buy digital games and add-ons. I know the prices of games…ouch.

Ahmar Wolf at Anime Midwest

I am going to Anime Midwest in Rosemont, IL this weekend and I should be there again today in a couple of hours. Overall Anime Midwest is a good anime con. Really it all comes down to what you like, and when you can go. We have 3 anime cons in my area not counting C2E2 which is more a comic/ entertainment con. There are Anime Central, Anime Midwest and Finally Con+Alt+Delete which starts this year. I like Anime Midwest a better than Anime Central as it seems friendlier.

After getting my badge I looked around where the biggest crowds are gathered. The Dealers Area isn’t it always. I swear you can find anything anime related except for videos. All of it good and all of it fair priced, I know some complain but have you ever looked outside of Ebay and see what this stuff is going for? I got a few things, including the Furry Mystery Box.

But more on that on Monday

The panels I have been too are all good there were some technical issues with sound and video displays. In one panel the video projector would only show the color red. But that was all minor issues.

Really my only complaint and I wasn’t the only one was food prices. But anyone who has ever been to Rosemont knows that all too well. The closest places are in the hotels, the others are a very long walk or bus ride away. The best option I found is Expoteria which is connected to the Convention Hall. But still, it can average $15 per person.

On a personal note, I bought my 3DS. It shook hands with 15 others and even though this is the next day. I am still finding things those handshakes benefitted me.

Speaking of which they are going to do a swap meet at Anime Midwest today. I am bringing a few things to see what happens. I have never been to one at a con before, and I am hopeful.

But more on that tomorrow