Anime Midwest 2021: My 1st Con in 1 1/2 years Part 2

Everything looked okay at first when I entered the Hyatt Regency O’Hare was able to find the panel which was called The Misadventures of Having a Podcast. Which I joined 20 minutes in progress. It was a good panel the story how it came to be is worth noting. It seems the 3 who hosted it originally submitted it back in 2018 and completely forgot about. Until Anime Midwest contacted them a few months ago, and the presentation was only done days earlier. They even joked that the con might have been desperate for panels. They also remarked that I could of easily done a panel as I have experienced so much blogging and podcasting.

If you been to the Hyatt Regency O’Hare before you are familiar with the O’Hare American Grill. It’s a mid-priced lobby level restaurant.

Which during any convention is always busy, but as you see in the photo it’s almost empty. Also there normally great selection was limited. I was there for their Breakfast menu and it was all pre wrapped and boxed. Such as a breakfast burrito, pancakes and bacon, and etc.

But of everything I did that day the very best was “Whose Line is it Anime?” obvious a version of the famous “Whose Line”. It was funny, I laughed my ass off, and no joke I felt all the stress in my body melting away the more I laughed.

I went to a few more panels and events that day, but “Whose Line” was the very best it also had the biggest crowd I seen down there

This is only part of it.

I was on the other end of that line.

More tomorrow where I talk about both fursuiters, and the all important Dealers Area