Fox and Burger Podcast #11: How Asian/Western Cons Differ, Volunteering + More Feat Ray Ting

More Poached Parodies: The Lofty Perch

Lucius Anoraq is hired by a wealthy Pasadena widowed emu with a mean streak to find a missing daughter-in-law who stole a gold coin worth a small fortune. Only things don’t quite add up until Anoraq discovers evidence of murder, rape, blackmail, and exploitation.

The book is sold by Amazon

Fur Con News: Furrydelphia, Confuror

Furrydelphia plans not to set a limit on Attendance. But still will require Vaccination Cards

Confuror Moves 2021 Gathering to 2022 from their site

Note on the decisions taken for the 2021 edition facing the backdrop of the pandemic in the second half of the year.Guadalajara, México. 07/09/21

Due to the uncertainty caused by the recent circumstances related to the Covid-19 pandemic and thinking about the safety of our attendees in the face of the threat of a rebound of contagions, we are in the need to temporarily suspend our online registration form and move our contract with the venue from 2021 to 2022, waiting for better conditions to hold the convention as we envision it, without posing any risk to anyone. Online registration will re-open with the new rates for the 2022 edition sometime this year or early 2022. We will announce these rates and new registration dates when appropriate.

All tickets purchased during the 2020-2021 period will remain valid for the next full in-person edition of the event, which will be held during October 2022. Exact dates are pending confirmation and will be announced as soon as they become available. No action is required to transfer your current ticket to 2022.

This year we plan to hold an online event similar to the one executed during 2020, tentatively on the announced dates (October 28-31), the online activities will be public access and no registration is required to participate.