Confuror 2022 Fursuiter Group Photo

Confuror 2022 group photo! This year we had over 500 fursuiters registered for the event! There is a ton more images comming from our Fursuit Festival and we can’t wait to show you.

Confuror (Mexico) Sets 2023 Date

Natural forces, numbers, all living creatures and minerals… how many things science can observe. Wonderful things, unsettling and transformative things. 2023 will be the year of science for Confuror and we are all crazy about it~. October 26 – 29, Guadalajara, México.

Confuror 2022 (Mexico) Numbers

Confuror 2022 (Mexico)

  • $153,526 Mexican Pesos donated to charity
  • 1,861 attendees

Confuror GoH Animal Art Crimes

I follow @animalartcrimes on Twitter for both their unique art and where sometimes it winds up.

Some might call them a graffiti artist, but so was Banksy. I would personally love to have some of their work hanging on my wall.

Confuror 2022 Guests of Honor

Introducing Remulle: Senior all-around BG artist. Visual swiss army pocket knife, occasional VA and full time doodler. And they are one of our guest artists at Confuror 2022!

Graphic designer. Writer and illustrator of the web-comic “The Angel in the Forest”: where Larry, Montimer, Ronnie, Richie and many other characters of her authorship come to life in an exciting story that will touch your heart.

Doggy cartoonist obsessed with finding ways to convey emotions through art. Graduated in animation in 2015, he has experience in commissions since 2008.

Freelance illustrator from Santiago, Chile. Studied audiovisual communication specialized in Digital Animation. Lover of good food, this intrepid haggard dedicates himself to art in the furry community, represented as a Tanuki.

Freelance digital artist and visual arts teacher who is currently working on his project “Mythos”: an anthology of stories inspired by the mythologies of our world and the eternal conflict between gods, humans and creatures.

Mexican illustrator and visual development artist. Has worked as a background artist for DreamWorks, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network animated TV shows. Currently works as freelancer and background artist for “Helluva Boss”

Golden Tail Awards (Mexico)

The Golden Tail Awards honors those who create furry works in Mexico


“LA ESPERA TERMINO! Ya esta abierto el registro para LOS GOLDEN TAIL AWARDS! REVISA LA CONVOCATORIA AQUÍ… No pierdas esta oportunidad Tienes hasta el 30 de junio! Regístrate y registra a tus amigos en:


Registration for the GOLDEN TAIL AWARDS is now open!

Do not lose this opportunity
You have until June 30!
Sign up and sign up your friends at:

"Estas son las 14 categorías en las que podrán participar. 



Confuror 2022 Registration Now Open

Some might think those prices are fake, but they are from their site PLUS they are running an Early Bird Special

Of course Prices do go UP

Pre-registration (Phase 2)
August 12 to September 16
$57 usd$92 usd$122 usd

But still compared to a lot of cons. This is cheap and Guadalajara, Jalisco. México is easy to go down there. If you want to do a fur con that takes place October 20-23 this is an actual option for some of you.

Nordic Fuzz Con Dealer Sign-ups, Confuror Updates VR World

Nordic Fuzz Con (Sweden) has opened Dealer Sign-ups


Confuror Update VR World

The second edition of our VRChat world is here, this time with the participation of the Furry Family Ofrenda project.

Download the VRChat app for free, register your account and enter the virtual world that Confuror and Cyberwere have prepared for you. Headset is not required to explore the world!

See you there this October 29, 2021!

Confuror (Mexico) updates Minecraft world

This year our Minecraft world is back, expanded and improved.

Explore and play in the different zones that Confuror and a very special group of builders have prepared for you.

More details LINK

Bewhiskered 2nd GOH, Confuror Upcoming Virtual Con

Bewhiskered announces that their 2nd Guest of Honor will be Eddie Bear

Lions and Dragons and Bears oh my! It’s our second GOH Eddie Bear! He knows all there is about fursuiting, from performance to maintenance and will be teaching us a thing or two at Bewhiskered!

Which will take place Oct 29-31

Lets remember those who no longer walk with us. Collaborate in the virtual ofrenda by registering your deceased acquaintances within the fandom. LINK

They will also be doing a virtual Art Show

Join our virtual Art-show at Confuror Online 2021.

Promote your work by sending your best pieces and the link to your Art-show or portfolio. It will be exhibited in our virtual galleries inside our Minecraft and VRChat worlds. LINK