Nordic Fuzz Con Dealer Sign-ups, Confuror Updates VR World

Nordic Fuzz Con (Sweden) has opened Dealer Sign-ups


Confuror Update VR World

The second edition of our VRChat world is here, this time with the participation of the Furry Family Ofrenda project.

Download the VRChat app for free, register your account and enter the virtual world that Confuror and Cyberwere have prepared for you. Headset is not required to explore the world!

See you there this October 29, 2021!

Confuror (Mexico) updates Minecraft world

This year our Minecraft world is back, expanded and improved.

Explore and play in the different zones that Confuror and a very special group of builders have prepared for you.

More details LINK

Bewhiskered 2nd GOH, Confuror Upcoming Virtual Con

Bewhiskered announces that their 2nd Guest of Honor will be Eddie Bear

Lions and Dragons and Bears oh my! It’s our second GOH Eddie Bear! He knows all there is about fursuiting, from performance to maintenance and will be teaching us a thing or two at Bewhiskered!

Which will take place Oct 29-31

Lets remember those who no longer walk with us. Collaborate in the virtual ofrenda by registering your deceased acquaintances within the fandom. LINK

They will also be doing a virtual Art Show

Join our virtual Art-show at Confuror Online 2021.

Promote your work by sending your best pieces and the link to your Art-show or portfolio. It will be exhibited in our virtual galleries inside our Minecraft and VRChat worlds. LINK

Fur Con News: Confuror Dance Sign-ups, Aquafur Seeks DJs

Furry reminder!

Don’t miss your chance to participate in the Confuror Online 2021 Fursuit Dance Competition.

You have only until October 4 to upload your videos and your application. Find more details at: LINK

art by Belovedfoxx

Are you a DJ, want to make a big splash and play at Aquatifur? DJ applications are open! Any genre is ok!

LINK to sign up

Fur Con News: Furever West’s Bomb Threat,

For Fuck sake Furever West a brand new fur con to take place in Cheyenne, Wyoming over this weekend was shutdown when the hotel got a Bomb Threat.

This was to be their 1st con ever, so you know what Furever West did and I give them high praise

So they went really old school, a 1 day gathering.

Confuror (Mexico) Online Dance competition

Furry reminder!

Don’t miss your chance to participate in the Confuror Online 2021 Fursuit Dance Competition.

You have only until October 4 to upload your videos and your application. Find more details at:


Fur Con News: DenFur sets 2022 Dates, Confuror seeks Panels

DenFur Sets 2022 dates

Now is your time to Host your own panel

Host a panel at Confuror Online 2021! All contents and ideas are welcomed! Follow the instructions on this page to learn how to submit your proposal. You have until October 4th!

Confuror Online 2021 has a space waiting for you!

Fur Con News: Hex Furry Fest and Confuror sets Dates

Official site

Confuror (Mexico) sets both Online and In Person Dates

Fur Con News: Confuror Virtual Fursuit Parade, Den Fur totals

Confuror is holding another Online con, but most important it includes a Virtual Fursuit Parade. What does that mean, you record a 10 to 20 second long video while in your fursuit.

Details can be found here

Den Fur totals

Drumroll please! DenFur’s final tally for 2021: Attendance: 2,566 (capped!) Charity numbers for @TenaciousRanch : $10,985 + @DenFurCO‘s donation of $5,015 = $16,000! (You all ROCK!) Next year’s theme is DenFur in Wonderland! GOH’s for 2022: @sailorrooscout & @RedCoatCat !

Fur Con News: Furrydelphia, Confuror

Furrydelphia plans not to set a limit on Attendance. But still will require Vaccination Cards

Confuror Moves 2021 Gathering to 2022 from their site

Note on the decisions taken for the 2021 edition facing the backdrop of the pandemic in the second half of the year.Guadalajara, México. 07/09/21

Due to the uncertainty caused by the recent circumstances related to the Covid-19 pandemic and thinking about the safety of our attendees in the face of the threat of a rebound of contagions, we are in the need to temporarily suspend our online registration form and move our contract with the venue from 2021 to 2022, waiting for better conditions to hold the convention as we envision it, without posing any risk to anyone. Online registration will re-open with the new rates for the 2022 edition sometime this year or early 2022. We will announce these rates and new registration dates when appropriate.

All tickets purchased during the 2020-2021 period will remain valid for the next full in-person edition of the event, which will be held during October 2022. Exact dates are pending confirmation and will be announced as soon as they become available. No action is required to transfer your current ticket to 2022.

This year we plan to hold an online event similar to the one executed during 2020, tentatively on the announced dates (October 28-31), the online activities will be public access and no registration is required to participate.

Confuror’s Golden Tail Awards Coming Soon

The Golden Tail Awards Honor’s Mexican Furries in many categories including animation and writing