Fur Con News: Camp Tiny Paws Ending

One of the saddest thing about reporting Furry News is when a con shutdown forever. Sadly this is one of those times.

Camp Tiny Paws is Closing

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June 30, 2022

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not be able to hold any future in-person events.  Our hotel has been sold and permanently closed as of last week and prices at other venues have skyrocketed due to the pandemic.  This means we had to make the tough decision to close down Camp Tiny Paws for good.  We are incredibly sorry to have to share this heartbreaking news and had been looking forward to seeing you in 2022.

Please join us for Camp Pannycake online for one last hurrah and help us raise money one last time to erase the last of our debt from previous years.  Our Camp Store is open now with t-shirts, lanyards, and other goodies, including this year’s Camp Pannycake t-shirt by one of our talented GOHs Stormslegacy and a Camp Pannycake lanyard by saba illustrations.

You all have given us so much love over the years and we just need your help one more time.

​So With hotel closure and financial problems, Camp Tiny Paws (USA) to close this year; last virtual event to be held August 13-15 which can be viewed HERE on their site

Founded in 2017 Camp Tiny Paws has only ever held 3 IN PERSON cons, their highest attendance was 294 in 2018 and most donated to charity was $2200 donated to the CT Humane Society in 2019