Shark Week edited by Ian Keller Review

Shark Week gives you 19 different stories by 19 authors who all take the simple theme of writing a story about the ocean filled with intelligent life and turns it on it’s ear. What I have found are stories that go beyond my imagination. For example ocean creatures preforming swimming acts, that turn in to a wondrous delight. You actually wonder how did the author manage to write this act of pure wonder. But the one that stands out in my mind was this little tale of this hermit crab and it’s adventure flirting with death seemingly every time it moves, but yet somehow managing to survive it all as if it was nothing.

Each story is like that, taking us to a world most of us have never seen. Sure things are different than they are in real life. But that is what a good story should do. It should take us beyond what we know, to a world unlike anything you can imagine. Each are an adventure, a tale, or even just something on the author’s mind. That in my opinion will delight you with every page.

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Fur Con News: Bayou Furry Bash

Introducing Bayou Furry Bash, a Louisiana based Fur Con that is in the works.

Will keep you informed when updates are posted.