Anime Midwest Coverage Tomorrow

So why am I going to talk about an anime con? Simple enough Anime Midwest takes place in the same place as MFF. Being both the Hyatt Regency O’Hare and the Stevens Convention Center. Frankly news of any restrictions on the Anime Midwest site has been non existence. So literally when I get there I have to play the whole thing by ear. I plan on going to panels and events but… what will happen when I arrive and want to get my badge is anyone guess. Also will I see any fursuiters? Don’t get me wrong I have seen on social media that fursuiters have planned to go, but will I see them in their fursuits is frankly anyone’s guess.

Midwest FurFest Teases News

But as this posting nothing new has been added to this post, or their site. It’s just that a lot of us and I include myself went through literal HELL over the past year. There was a point I didn’t know if I was going to keep my job, let alone my apt. Oh yes on top of that my dog died of cancer. Then a good friend lost their cat to dental issues. Which is quite common in some breeds, then on top of that they got a new cat. Which ran away barely a month after they got it. Only to be returned this past Thursday, June 30. By the way of this young couple and the city’s Animal Control. It was picked up over 7 miles from there it escaped.

Both of us think there are more to this tail than we both know but the cat isn’t talking.

Either way I know by way of both social media and speaking to others that we all had a HARD TIME. A lot of us just want to have fun. I will admit MFF is usually the highlight of my entire year.

But like the rest of you waiting is hard, and being patient is hard for me. I am ready for when MFF goes LIVE, I plan on being a Sponsor once again, and so looking forward to my coverage, and what videos I can make. But there is a long way between July 3 to Dec 3 in fact it’s a 153 days, and at least 2 more months of Summer.

As you can see I am ready, now MFF the rest is up to you.

Fur Con News: United Dance Party, Tails and Tornadoes

It seems the planned United Dance Party the online fur con planned by the Furry Broadcasting Network was suddenly suddenly cancelled with a 3 word message from their admin Roxie

No explanation why was given

Tails and Tornadoes fur con recently posted a reminder that their Pre Reg closes the end of July.

If you have plans on attending Tails & Tornadoes this year, you have until the end of July to Pre-Reg. Scheduled 9/3-9/5 2021
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