Fur Con News: United Dance Party, Tails and Tornadoes

It seems the planned United Dance Party the online fur con planned by the Furry Broadcasting Network was suddenly suddenly cancelled with a 3 word message from their admin Roxie

No explanation why was given

Tails and Tornadoes fur con recently posted a reminder that their Pre Reg closes the end of July.

If you have plans on attending Tails & Tornadoes this year, you have until the end of July to Pre-Reg. Scheduled 9/3-9/5 2021

Source: Link (https://twitter.com/TTFurcon/status/1410993114592993283?s=19)

Fur Con News: Brasil FurFest, United Dance Party


Join BFF Online, an internet furry convention, which will take place July 16-18 at Hopin!

It's not a call! It's not live!
It's a similar event to the hotel's BFF. With main stage, halls and furry bazaar! All by video, audio and text!

More information LINK

Furry Broadcasting Network is going to do their own Online FurCon now called “United Dance Party”

Alright SO…..we kinda had a quick name change
*blames @OnlinePonies

The OFFICIAL name for the event will be United Dance Party!


DJ Sign ups are a GO!