Brasil FurFest 2022 Totals

Brasil FurFest 2022 – The Fantastic Candy Factory 872 participants R$ 31,520, 69 ( US$ 5,824. 87) collected for charity

You are amazing!

Brasil FurFest Registration Open

Garanta já seu ingresso para a BFF 2022! Faça parte da Brasil FurFest 2022 – A Fantástica Fábrica de Doces, que vai rolar de 15 a 17 de julho no hotel Sheraton, em Santos! Você encontra mais informações sobre a convenção e as inscrições em nosso website:

This is one case where I think translating what was said would not help. Basically unless you are going you really need to know the language.

Brasil FurFest Live Stream

Be aware it is in Portuguese

Faltam menos de 3 meses para a BFF e a BFF Live vai ser muito divertida! A live terá infos sobre o evento de 2022, além do esquenta para a abertura das inscrições para o Bazar Furry, que começam à meia-noite desta segunda. Participe! Domingo, 20h em:

Brasil FurFest Registration Now Open

In our continuing look at fur cons around the world and to see what they have to offer. Today we look at Brasil FurFest. LINK in case your going

This is for VIF Platinum III at 1500 BRL

That the thing when we look at those numbers we have no idea what that converts to the following is converted to USD

175 BRL is $31.07 300 BRL is $53.27 625 BRL is $110.98 Lastly 1500 BRL is $266.35

Which is a bargain compared to some US cons.

Fur Con News: Brasil FurFest, ScotiaCon

Brasil FurFest Sets Actual Date for next IN PERSON CON!!!

Brasil FurFest 2022 will be held from July 15th to 17th 2021 at the Sheraton Hotel, in Santos, SP which was changed from Hotel Mercure which has closed LINK to Original Post

Scotiacon Confirms next IN PERSON Con dates

Hello again everyone,

We hope you are staying safe and keeping well. It has been a difficult time and we have wanted to try and make things as easy as possible which makes this announcement very difficult.

Due to some communication errors, the dates we believed we had confirmed for the convention have turned out to be incorrect. We only learned this recently and appreciate this is going to be an inconvenience to those who have booked time off. We can only apologise profusely for this.

The confirmed dates for the convention are 11th-13th February (a week after the formerly announced dates).

We want our 10th convention to be the best it can possibly be and the whole team is committed to bringing the experience so many of you have enjoyed in previous years to a brand new and fantastic venue.

Once again, we apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience as we try to navigate through the various obstacles we have been facing in order to put on an event we want as many people to enjoy as possible.

Take care and continue to keep yourselves safe.

The Scotiacon Team

Original post can be found HERE

Fur Con News: Brasil FurFest, United Dance Party


Join BFF Online, an internet furry convention, which will take place July 16-18 at Hopin!

It's not a call! It's not live!
It's a similar event to the hotel's BFF. With main stage, halls and furry bazaar! All by video, audio and text!

More information LINK

Furry Broadcasting Network is going to do their own Online FurCon now called “United Dance Party”

Alright SO…..we kinda had a quick name change
*blames @OnlinePonies

The OFFICIAL name for the event will be United Dance Party!


DJ Sign ups are a GO!


Fur Con News: Brasil FurFest, Argentina FurFiesta

The Next Brasil FurFest

Participe da BFF Online, uma convenção furry na internet, que vai rolar de 16 a 18 de julho no Hopin! Não é call! Não é live! É um evento similar a BFF do hotel. Com palco principal, salas e bazar furry! Tudo por vídeo, áudio e texto! Mais informações


Join BFF Online, an internet furry convention that will take place from July 16th to 18th at Hopin! It's not a call! It's not live! It is an event similar to the hotel's BFF. With main stage, rooms and furry bazaar! All by video, audio and text! More information 

Argentina FurFiesta Charity Donation

234 Adventurers joined their hearts in their passage through ArFF; Saga to defeat SSar-mud.

Together they managed to donate to Bocalán Argentina the incredible sum of: ARS 80 647 (Approx 1900 USD)

Thanks for 3 amazing days.

Brasil Fur Fest Update


Brasil FurFest postponed to 2022 and an online event will be held in 2021. More information: