Anime Midwest 2021: My 1st Con in 1 1/2 years Part 3

I almost forgot this

There was fursuiters, like there is at any anime con as you can see. My only problem was that we weren’t in the same location, at the same time.

Since I had time before I checked out some more panels. It was time for Lunch and the Dealers Area.

By now The Great Expotera, the restaurant that is connected to the convention center was finally opened. Thankfully they had there regular menu, including their anime con special Ramen.

They make an excellent ramen, I happened to have the curry one and it was delicious.

Now on to Dealers Area

By now their restaurants were also open

One can only assume the lack of the normal numbers of Dealers was due to the pandemic. Also there was a lot more space between Dealers than usual. This photo shows a good example of this.

…and yes I did spend a portion of my pay on stuff.

Overall despite what issues their was of being the 1st major con since pandemic restrictions were lifted. I had a great time, as for masks. About half there wore masks… including myself. Just wanted to play it safe.

Hopefully things will be better when fingers crossed MFF will happen. But everyone has to start somewhere.

I am a gamer and the amount of stuff I own is crazy. But here is something just for fun.

I brought my 3DS with me, more out of curiosity than anything. You see the 3DS can swap data with other 3DS’ and mine connected with 9. The thing with these data swaps you never quite know all you get until you start playing one of your old games.


I have no plans on at this moment to go to any other cons, except MFF when it happens. If I do others and especially MFF I will be doing more reports. With much more detail, so check out the Anime Midwest 2021 podcast when it gets posted.