HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 4 Transformania Review

After being asked several times in furson asked my opinion here is my review

You seen the trailer so I don’t have to go over the plot. Okay I admit what some say is quite true. This film isn’t as good as the earlier films… BUT!!!

It does one thing right, IT’S FUN!!!

It takes every plot point and builds up to this, I admit I loved seeing Frankenstein, The Werewolf, The Mummy, and The Invisible Man in their human form was great. Even the gag about The Invisible Man being naked all this time. They just react to what we have been thinking all this time.

The ending is the ending, we knew the Hotel Transylvania series had to end at some point. But if you look at it this way. This is far better than that last Shrek film.

Have fun, give it a try