Akela by Ben Goodrich sample Review

I know the description sounds fairly strange but so are the current circumstances with this book. But I’ll try and explain. I picked up this sample from Goal Publications when they were at MFF 2021. I really didn’t know what I was getting I originally thought it was a short story of some kind, after all it’s only has 12 pages. Until I actually read it.

But since Goal Publications are going out of business, so where does that leave the author on Amazon of course and the percentage they take out.

The Review:

The plot says anthros have always been there, but in hiding until something happens and they meet.

The 9 pages of actual story is truly interesting, are they here or just am I imagining things. Seeing something out of the corner of your eye and unsure if it is real? It’s extremely well written and in my opinion it’s worth getting a copy. So where

Amazon LINK

It’s currently on sale for $8.75