Fur Con News: DenFur, Blue Ridge Furfare, Megaplex

DenFur reinstates Mask and Vaccine rule

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Blue Ridge Furfare returning next year


It seems one furry who attended Megaplex came down with COVID. They even admit not wearing a mask. Although I can’t post a link (Legal reasons), it’s fairly easy to find. This only confirms what health officials have been saying. Even if you are vaccinated you need to wear a mask at large gatherings.

Fur Con News: Megaplex

Megaplex hit the furry news scene twice first with the all important stats

2021 MP Stats 3day

1748 Sponsors

281 Super Sponsor

195 Mega Sponsor

31 Giga Sponsor


1 Dealer

65 Board

7 Staff

77 Friday Only

156 Saturday Only

220 Sunday Only

100 TOTAL On Site 2889

Online HOPIN attendees 296

669 fursuiters In Sat Parade

Contribution CARE $50,000+

I can’t say for certain what exactly happened, I just know it was ugly

Fur Con News: Megaplex

Megaplex is doing something very unique this weekend. Not only are they holding an In Person Con but also a Virtual One as well.

Essentially it’s most of the convention, meaning panels and some events you can find full details here at Hopin

Fur Con News: Megaplex

Next to both Anthrocon and MFF… Megaplex is the 3rd most mentioned fur con I see on social media. Obviously if your traveling from out of the Orlando area you will be preregistering as that is the easiest. Which is a good thing considering Megaplex recent announcement.

This is a reminder about Megaplex 2021 – there is NO onsite registration this year! Please make sure to pre-register for the con as we only have a maximum number of 2500 attendees for this year! Visit https://megaplex.regfox.com/megaplex-2021 to pre-reg today!

In addition they have a mask rule

As many locations in the United States are updating or removing their mask requirements we felt that it was time to expand on our mask policy. As we have previously mentioned masks have been shown to be the first line of defense during this pandemic. With people coming from all over the nation we continue to feel that it is the right choice to continue to require masks to be worn inside the convention space at all times, in all areas such as Panel rooms, Main Ballroom, Registration Areas, Dealer Den, Zoo, dances and all pre-function hallways. The following are very limited exceptions to this policy, and only apply to those that have been fully vaccinated. Otherwise unvaccinated individuals need to wear masks with no exception.

A) During load in / Load out and set up of major event areas (Main ball room and dealer power and registration setups most notably). These areas are closed to the general convention public, and the only ones in these areas are staff with plenty of distance between them. This is mostly for safety, since verbal commands and instructions need to comprehensible.

B) Panelists / Performers. These people are distanced far away from the audience, well beyond the safety ranges for social distancing requirements. This again is for comprehension, since some attendees with hearing limitations may need the ability to lip read, or may have comprehension restrictions with mask muffled speech.

C) Fursuiters with head on. This is for a concern of heat safety while actively wearing fursuit head. Sweat will cause masks to saturate with moisture, making an already hot situation even worse with a breathing limitation of breathing through a saturated wet cloth. Fursuiters should carry their mask with them at all times, so that if they take their head off in any areas, including the headless lounge, they must immediately put the mask on. Fursuiters not wearing a mask inside head should keep 6 feet away from other attendees. (ie no hugs)

D) Masks may be removed if actively eating or drinking, however you must remain stationary. You may stop, sit at a table/chair/floor and eat or drink food that was purchased from the hotel. Masks may also be removed for the Sponsor/Staff Dinners.

E) Areas outside of Megaplex’s convention space will default to the hotel’s overall policy, as those areas are not enforceable by Megaplex. Those areas include all the outside walkways, pool, lodge buildings and main lobby. Anyone that violates the hotel’s policy may be forced to leave the hotel, and Megaplex will not offer any refunds for anyone that is ejected for violating a hotel policy. The latest COVID updates from the hotel can be found on the Hotel and COVID-19 Update page.

So if your going please be aware of this.

Fur Con News: Both WPAFW, Megaplex Set Limits

At this time Megaplex 2021 is still expected to happen in person and registration will be opening May 1st at Noon EDT. The Megaplex Executive Leadership and the Florida United Furry Fandom Inc., Megaplex’s parent company, Board of Directors continue to closely monitor the pandemic. As the situation changes Megaplex will continue to update safety policies and procedures as well as attendee safety requirements.

First and foremost, We strongly recommend all staff and attendees be vaccinated against Covid-19 if posssible. If you do not feel comfortable attending in person please stay home. It is up to each individual to make the decision for themselves. Please stay informed.

Above all else, regardless of vaccination status, if you feel sick before arriving at the convention DO NOT ATTEND. Badges originally purchased for 2020 or for 2021 will be automatically transferred to 2022 if not picked up. Should you begin showing any symptoms common with Covid-19 while at the convention we ask that you DO NOT enter con space. Please immediately quarantine and seek medical attention.

In order to provide as safe of an environment to meet in person as we can Megaplex will be:

  • Limiting attendance to 2500 attendees. This is less than 1/2 of originally planned at contract signing.
  • Limiting registration to online Pre-Registration only.
  • Enforcing Social Distancing.
  • Spacing chairs in main events into pods of 4-6 chairs separated by 6ft. Chairs will also be spaced back from the stage to allow performers to perform without a mask.
  • Seating will be reduced and spaced in panel rooms in accordance with local, state and federal requirements.
  • Those dancing at the nightly dances will be permitted to dance in pods of up to 4 people which must be separated by at least 6 ft.
  • Requiring all attendees to wear a CDC approved mask unless actively eating or drinking in approved areas. Fursuiters will be required to have their mouth and nose covered while in fursuit. At minimum this must be a balaclava, which is something already commonly worn by fursuiters.
  • Staff, in conjunction with the hotel, will be conducting enhanced cleaning efforts.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout convention space.
  • Head trees and dryers will be removed from the headless lounge. The fans will remain in the room for circulation purposes only and may not be used to dry heads on. Sanitizing products will be made available for fursuiters to sanitize their heads/suits while in this room. Face covering must be worn at all times while not actively drinking water.

Additionally, some common programming may be modified or removed to increase the safety of our attendees. Attendees should expect that there will be no in person Game Room or Furshoot space. There will also be no fursuit photo however we are still working the details on conducting the fursuit parade and dessert social safely.

Attendees should note that the safety policies and procedures listed are based off the current restrictions and guidelines from the hotel as well as local and federal agencies. As guidance changes Megaplex’s policies may change as well. We will do our best to keep attendees informed of these changes as they occur.

Fur Con News: Megaplex, PAWcon

Megaplex Room Block Opening Date, Panel and DJ Submissions

With registration in full swing don’t forget to grab your room!
Our room block will open up May 10th at 1pm ET.
Check out https://megaplexcon.org/join/hotel for our amazing hotel information.

Hey Everyone! Panel and DJ submissions are open! Head to https://megaplexcon.org/fun/events/ for more information!

PAWcon (San Jose, CA) Opening Up


Fur Con News: Fluff, Megaplex

Fluuff (Belgium)

Dear Flüüfffies,

The vaccine and pandemic policies have stacked the deck against the virus. 🧑🏾‍⚕️🃏

We are planning on reopening residential tickets sale (https://fluufff.org/tickets) 🎫 for this edition, at the end of May. Please, stay aware that the situation is still uncertain and a postponement of the registration’s opening or the convention are still possible.

If you have any questions regarding the registration, send the team an email via fluufff.org/contact (http://fluufff.org/contact/).

All bets are off!! 🎲

Megaplex USA

Listen Up!!
Megaplex 2021 registration is now officially OPEN!
Make sure you pre register online as there is no onsite registration this year!

Regfox (https://megaplex.regfox.com/megaplex-2021)
Megaplex 2020
Online registration for Megaplex 2021 starts on April 5th 2021. Online registration ends July 13th 2021.