The Gun Incident @ Megaplex

I am fully aware of Gun Rights, but in these days of Mass Shootings. When someone sees someone else with a gun they instantly get scared. Count me in I get scared too. But please we aware that cons are Private. so are hotels. Unless it is clearly started by the hotel guns are banned, and I am aware of cons having this one unposted rule that if you get caught with a gun. Your perma banned. Although I can’t say in this case. But please if you own a gun keep it in the trunk, and not bring it to a con or any public gathering

Megaplex 2022 Numbers

2786 Three Day
367 Sponsors
309 Super Sponsors
23 Mega Sponsors
5 Giga Sponsors
111 Staff
7 Board
135 Dealers
12 Guests
2 GOHs
161 Friday
611 Saturday
110 Sunday
for a total of 4662 ATTENDEES!

1024 fursuiters in the parade

$70,000 raised for chairty

Compared to 2021

2021: 3185

2022: 4662 Meaning folks they grown by 1477


2021: $50,000

2022: $70,000

Anthrocon Update/ Megaplex Poster

Megaplex recently posted this reminder Poster

Fur Con News: DenFur, Blue Ridge Furfare, Megaplex

DenFur reinstates Mask and Vaccine rule

Original post

Blue Ridge Furfare returning next year


It seems one furry who attended Megaplex came down with COVID. They even admit not wearing a mask. Although I can’t post a link (Legal reasons), it’s fairly easy to find. This only confirms what health officials have been saying. Even if you are vaccinated you need to wear a mask at large gatherings.

Fur Con News: Megaplex

Megaplex hit the furry news scene twice first with the all important stats

2021 MP Stats 3day

1748 Sponsors

281 Super Sponsor

195 Mega Sponsor

31 Giga Sponsor


1 Dealer

65 Board

7 Staff

77 Friday Only

156 Saturday Only

220 Sunday Only

100 TOTAL On Site 2889

Online HOPIN attendees 296

669 fursuiters In Sat Parade

Contribution CARE $50,000+

I can’t say for certain what exactly happened, I just know it was ugly

Fur Con News: Megaplex

Megaplex is doing something very unique this weekend. Not only are they holding an In Person Con but also a Virtual One as well.

Essentially it’s most of the convention, meaning panels and some events you can find full details here at Hopin