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HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 4 Transformania Review

After being asked several times in furson asked my opinion here is my review

You seen the trailer so I don’t have to go over the plot. Okay I admit what some say is quite true. This film isn’t as good as the earlier films… BUT!!!

It does one thing right, IT’S FUN!!!

It takes every plot point and builds up to this, I admit I loved seeing Frankenstein, The Werewolf, The Mummy, and The Invisible Man in their human form was great. Even the gag about The Invisible Man being naked all this time. They just react to what we have been thinking all this time.

The ending is the ending, we knew the Hotel Transylvania series had to end at some point. But if you look at it this way. This is far better than that last Shrek film.

Have fun, give it a try

Fur Con NZ (New Zealand) Cancelled

In an open letter by the Con’s chair

Unfortunately with the announcement today of nationwide COVID-19 level RED, we have had to make the decision to postpone FurcoNZ.

Due to the weekend, and our venue liaison being on leave, we are not able to confirm the exact new dates today. However, we are targeting the end of April or early May.

In the event this also becomes not possible due to COVID-19, we have further plans to target the Spring.

Since we have such high attendee numbers, our early plans to reduce the number of attendees or recategorize attendees are no longer possible. It would not be fair to have our vulnerable community members miss out on this event, and the event would not be the same without them.

We will be making an announcement on our new dates by the end of this week. All tickets will carry over to the new dates. After this announcement, if you are not able to make the new dates, we will be offering refunds. Any tickets refunded will return to sale. We will not be processing refunds ahead of this announcement, unless you have extenuating circumstances which will be considered on a case by case basis.

If you have any general questions, we advise seeing our FurcoNZ Telegram Chat – however, if it is non-urgent, please wait until further information comes out later this week. We will ensure that information is given out in time for those needing to cancel or move flights can do so. We recommend looking at your airlines COVID cancellation or transfer policy, including credits, in advance of this.

Any major concerns or questions regarding media, legal, financial, or ticket issues can be sent to info@furconz.org.nz however we may have a longer than usual response time over the next week. We appreciate your patience.

Regards, MJ (Con Chair)