Jack Legend In… Adventure of a Lifetime Review

It is described as

The Legend family has a grand legacy that goes on for generations. Each member of the family had a mastery of a trade, craft, field, or area of expertise. Warriors, artists, inventors, leaders, and many more made up this family. Lately, they’ve gone silent and almost faded into myth, but rumor has it, one member of the family lives on…

Join Jack Legend and his gang as he is cast into a world of adventure, in a quest to find his greatness! A little bit of comedy, a little bit of action, some cute characters, and adventure galore!

Writer and Artist: Joseph Opossum

Jack Legend is rated All Ages.

But what you get is a different kind of pirate adventure, although Jack knows about his pirate legacy he is currently not a pirate. I know it sounds strange but the story starts in the middle of a forest where he finds a pirate ship broken in 2 with a full crew in hiding. Although I did find the story entertaining I was wanted to know more.

Currently there is only 1 volume, hopefully Ringtail Cafe will give us more over time to flesh out this rather interesting adventure.

It’s available HERE