The Sprawl Review

I picked up The Sprawl while looking for material to post reviews later from MFF. I want to say I knew nothing about it, and maybe your the same. But what I found WOW!!!!

The Sprawl is:

Sci-fi/horror meets dark fantasy on a dead world.  Its only inhabitants are the descendants of an ill-fated colonization mission.

Now, the descendents live huddled together in an ever-growing mega-city known as The Sprawl.

After a survey expedition disappears at the south pole, a search and rescue mission is dispatched.  Tasked with discovering the fate of the expedition what they uncover could unleash unfathomable horrors upon all those who inhabit The Sprawl.

The Sprawl is rated Mature. It contains scenes of violence, horror and nudity.

But what I found was the most intense and action packed tale that I hadn’t seen the likes of since and I am not joking Spawn. Not only is it very well written, but the one I picked up should be called a graphic novel, and not just a comic.

As the description above says it is mature, and I promise if you love intense action give The Sprawl a chance. You will not be disappointed.

1-3 of the comics are available as a collection and they do have a volume 4

Available through

Ringtail Cafe