The Owl House Review


As much as some furries were praising The Owl House, this may have to be the dumbest reasons to check out a series… so I did.

The one good thing about checking out something on a streaming service that your already paying for. Is that you don’t have to be committed to something.

The Owl House itself is a series where limitations simply don’t exist. Take the location where the series is set. It’s called the Boiling Isle where it rains real acid. Is in fact the long dead body of a dead titan. In a world ruled by a Emperor who has other plans. I am nearly done as it turns out with season 2A as there are more episodes coming soon. I really have more questions than I have answers for.

But I should start at the beginning where Luz, a human from Connecticut finds a door that leads to a realm where wizards, witches, demons and pixies are commonplace an humans can do magic if they are smart enough to figure it out. And nobody is as they seem, which really sums up this amazing series.

Speaking of demons the one on the far left of the above photo is King. Without a doubt the cutest demon ever who is Eda’s pet, friend and helper all at the same time.

But I know this isn’t helping you figure out why your thinking Harry Potter, but in turn getting something that is so far beyond that. Where you can’t wait for the next episode. I have Disney+ and have been enjoying The Owl House and wondering how they are going to wrap up all these plots.

Believe me once your invested in the series you can’t wait for more episodes as each one takes you on an entirely new adventure. Like why can’t some witches preform magic? What does a 17th Century Human has to do with a Diary found in the school’s library.

If your the least bit curious check it out.

Even the villains are fun

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