The Walk for ALS in Raleigh, NC, in Dogbomb’s memory

Sorry about the late posting, but if your in the area please show your support.

Blue Ridge Furfare Registration Now Open

Link to Regstration

Blue Ridge Furfare Artist Alley Sign-ups

Interested in taking commissions, or selling hand crafted goods during the con? Awesome! Information about our artist alley is now available on our website 🖍️

Camp Feral (Canada) Gets a New Mascot, Plus Many Signups

Campers have spoken: it’s porcupine time! Sketch of our sticker/pin design of Feral’s lady mascot: Weeko the porcupine. Stay tuned for the final design!💘 Follow us here and turn on notifications and/or join our mailing list to find out when she and our other merch designs launch!

Signups are Happening around the world

Texas Furry Fiesta (USA) opens DJ signups

Blue Ridge FurFare (USA) opens 2022 dealers’ signups

Further Confusion (USA) opens artist’s alley signups

NordicFuzzCon (Sweden) opens DJ signups

Fur Con News: DenFur, Blue Ridge Furfare, Megaplex

DenFur reinstates Mask and Vaccine rule

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Blue Ridge Furfare returning next year


It seems one furry who attended Megaplex came down with COVID. They even admit not wearing a mask. Although I can’t post a link (Legal reasons), it’s fairly easy to find. This only confirms what health officials have been saying. Even if you are vaccinated you need to wear a mask at large gatherings.

Blue Ridge FurFare Virtual Con starts Tomorrow

That’s starting 11:30 AM EST on their site LINK

Arkune Awoo Presents Blue Ridge Furfare in the Round

Blue Ridge FurFare Announcement

Blue Ridge Furfare Bonus for Sponsors

Our virtual convention is totally FREE to attend. But wait, would you like to show some extra support and get some rad merch in the process? Tubular! Here are the offerings available.

Sponsor level ticket holders will receive ceremonial invitation into our Telegram and Discord Sponsor Lounges in February.

All your generosity will be channeled into making our 2022 convention it’s furry best, returning to an Asheville, NC hotel near you!