Blue Ridge FurFare Virtual Con starts Tomorrow

That’s starting 11:30 AM EST on their site LINK

Arkune Awoo Presents Blue Ridge Furfare in the Round

Blue Ridge FurFare Announcement

Blue Ridge Furfare Bonus for Sponsors

Our virtual convention is totally FREE to attend. But wait, would you like to show some extra support and get some rad merch in the process? Tubular! Here are the offerings available.

Sponsor level ticket holders will receive ceremonial invitation into our Telegram and Discord Sponsor Lounges in February.

All your generosity will be channeled into making our 2022 convention it’s furry best, returning to an Asheville, NC hotel near you!

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Blue Ridge FurFare Open Positions

If your looking to help out now here is your chance

Breaking News: Blue Ridge Furfare

Who I am happy to announce that they had a good fur con despite all the bad news

COVID-19: 4 More Cons Effected

Fauntastic which takes place in Lyon, France recently posted their response to COVID-19

The entire Press Release can be found here

Biggest Little Fur Con Reno, Nevada USA @BiggestLittleFC

Blue Ridge Furfare Asheville, North Carolina USA released this notice on Twitter @CarolinaFurfare


Due to an Executive Order of by North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, meetings of over 100 people in one event room have been banned.

As of Sunday March 15th, our convention is allowed to proceed at the DoubleTree Biltmore, but we must restrict the volume of attendees in planned programming. Once you line up for our largest Finale events, you will be given a blue admission ticket.
Dance Competition / 3:00PM
81 Blue Tickets
Handed out to first in line.
Closing Ceremonies / 6:00PM
91 Blue Tickets
Handed out to first in line.

  • The Blue Ridge Furfare Team

Then there is Little Island Furcon which takes place in Singapore and it’s changes

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