Camp Feral! Registration Open

Camp Feral! is a furry camping event that takes place Aug 25 to 29 2022 at Algonquin Park, Ontario Canada

I know it sounds expensive but you got to look at it this way, it does cover everything.


Camp Feral (Canada) to Reopen

THANK YOU to everyone for making our fundraiser such a huge success! Because of your support we’re confidently & happily sharing that Camp will return August 25-29, 2022!

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Camp Feral (Canada) Gets a New Mascot, Plus Many Signups

Campers have spoken: it’s porcupine time! Sketch of our sticker/pin design of Feral’s lady mascot: Weeko the porcupine. Stay tuned for the final design!💘 Follow us here and turn on notifications and/or join our mailing list to find out when she and our other merch designs launch!

Signups are Happening around the world

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Fur Con News: Camp Feral – Canada

Camp Feral cancels their 2021 gathering.

From their official site


Unfortunately we once again have to pass along the sad news that Feral has been cancelled. It was originally our hope that camp would return this year and there were a few moments early on where we were very optimistic that it might happen. Unfortunately things took a turn for the worse in Ontario and while we’re quickly on our way to recovery, we do not believe that we will be in a situation where we can have full confidence in our ability to host camp in a safe manner in the time between now and when we would have to begin preparations.

Those of you that had your 2020 registration cancelled due to the pandemic were assured that you would be given priority when it came to registration in 2021. This has not changed and we still intend to provide you that same priority access in 2022 or whenever Feral is deemed safe enough to resume. Once we are ready to return to camp you will be contacted via the email address you used to register with instructions on how priority access will work.

We would like to thank our community for the support over the last two years. We’ve heard many stories from you regarding just how you missed Feral and how much you looked forward to returning to camp. Please know that it’s our desire to have you back at camp as soon as we’re able.

Currently we are in the process of planning an alternative event and will send more information along as it becomes available. We’re considering a smaller, outdoor only, birthday party celebration at one of the Toronto city parks in the Fall assuming the situation with COVID has improved enough for us to do so. Or maybe an online 1-day event on discord falling on the original weekend of camp. In order to determine what is best we’re asking you for some feedback. Please click on the link below to take a short survey to let us know what you may be interested in!

Until we see each other again, stay safe and stay healthy!

Feral 2021 Staff

COVID-19 Report: Camp Feral

In case you wonder “What is Camp Feral?” It is a furry camping event that takes place in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada usually at the end of August.

They posted the following statement on their site

There is always a mental wrestling match when writing a message like this. On one hand, we could start on a high note, and introduce a bright side before announcing the dark. On the other hand it could start when it’s still dark and chilly, but leave everyone watching the sunrise, daylight prevails, there’s hope on the horizon! In other words, “There’s good news and there’s bad news, which do you want first?”

By starting the message to you this way, in this age of “convention cancellations”, I’m sure you figured out the bad news. So we might as well start there:

We are heartbroken to announce the decision to cancel Feral! 2020. This is the hardest decision that we’ve ever had to make in the entire camp’s history.

Due to Covid-19, running Camp Feral! this year, even if allowed come August, would not be a safe or responsible thing to do. Until the pandemic is resolved either through a vaccine, better understanding of the virus and better treatment, or herd immunity, we simply cannot guarantee that everyone would return home safe. Our responsibility to the community is to ensure that everyone is safe and sound above all else.

The bright side of all this chaos is that we can guarantee that our relationship with Camp Arowhon remains as strong as ever, and we already have dates secured for 2021 and 2022, which will be announced at a later date.

We want to thank everyone who put their trust in us and registered for 2020. We recognize that among all the uncertainty right now that was a big sign of faith from our campers and community.

We’re happy to say those that are currently registered will all be receiving a 100% refund, as well as assured registration for 2021. All 2020 registrants will be given instructions on securing your 2021 spot once we have everything set up! Due to the intricacies of being a non-profit however, we cannot roll existing registrations over to next year, or accept any portion of your registration as a donation. We will submit the request for refunds at the same time that this email goes out, so hopefully you will see your refund in the very near future. If you have not seen your refund within 30 days please reach out to us and let us know at

Unfortunately, we are taking a bit of a financial hit. If anyone is willing to donate money to Feral to help us cover the cost of running without revenue this year, we would be very grateful. Our Paypal is at

Feral is something special to all of us. We love our quiet starry nights, our retreat time with friends, the lovely Arowhon staff and Algonquin Park itself. Most of all we love our community, our fantastic campers. That’s why we know, as difficult as this year might feel, we have something worth protecting and coming back to next year.

By the way… Eagle-eyed campers may have noticed that our math was a little off. Since Pawnee first showed up in 2005, Pawnee actually turns sixteen in 2021. Oops!

It’s going to be one hell of a party 🙂

~ Camp Feral! Staff