COVID-19 Report: Furry JOA Moves Date

Furry JOA AKA Furry Joining of Asia a Korean Fur Con moves the date of their 2 convention which was to be held in Feb 2021 to Feb 2022

COVID-19 Report: AnthroExpo Moves Date to 2022

Good afternoon, AnEx community. We’ve all shared strange and challenging times lately. The good times are still ahead, so hang tight. Please review this letter from our Convention Chairman regarding AnthroExpo 2021.

COVID Fatique

First of all I don’t want to panic anyone, we are not talking about a new strain of this COVID-19 virus that has plagued us for the most of this year. Only what we have been generally feeling as this virus drags on. If you feel any of the following you have COVID Tired, over stressed, overwhelmed, depressed, anxiety, scared and sometimes hopelessness you got it. It is the same thing I have been feeling for months, I just didn’t know what it was called until they mentioned it on the local news.

UC Davis Health has this article that talks about how we all feel.

We’re tired of being cooped up, tired of being careful, tired of being scared. Our collective fatigue is making some people careless – one reason COVID-19 is rising sharply again in California and throughout the U.S.

However, facing this fatigue is important for our personal health and for beating the coronavirus that has shaken American life so completely. Many people understand this, which adds to their exhaustion and stress.

“This is a real challenge,” said Kaye Hermanson, UC Davis Health psychologist in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. “There are no easy solutions.”

Even though the article goes on to talk about what might help LINK

It all comes down to taking your mind off to others things. In other words do something that requires your full concentration. Exercise, playing video games, reading, whatever. I fully admit I have put on over 10lbs since this started and I don’t care what anyone says. The lower cost gyms are closed, where I live it’s ones operated by the Chicago Park District. They have not been open since March.

So I ordered a Bike Trainer from Amazon and I have full intentions to use it. So you might be wondering if I have a bike, why don’t I use it? The answer is simple, I can’t ride with a mask. That mask restricts my breathing, and when you won’t go out without one. You see my problem, so that is why I am spending $90 to get one.

Meanwhile find something to do. I welcome submissions (ahmarwolf (@) mail dot com) Otherwise try and find something to do, believe me it helps.

COVID-19 Report: Gateway Furmeet

So in short Gateway Furmeet for now will be a virtual con, until this pandemic is over.

COVID-19 Report: Fin Fur Animus Canceled

Fin Fur Animus posting on their forum the following message

Fin Fur Animus normally takes place October in Tuusula, Finland

COVID-19 Report: Gdakon, Anthro NE

Here we go again 2 fur cons scheduled for 2021 Canceled, Gdakon is normally held in Jan, while Anthro NE is held in February.

Gdakon posted the following.

Meanwhile Anthro New England Posted the following

COVID-19 Report: Nordic Fuzz Con

Recent announcement by Nordic Fuzz Con

We are sad to announce that NordicFuzzCon will not take place as hoped and planned in February 2021.

The world is still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Outbreaks are still happening and countries may close their borders at short notice, or issue sudden changes to their requirements for public gatherings. It is still uncertain when the world will return to something akin to ‘normalcy’. This unpredictability makes it too difficult and too risky to proceed with our convention as we had planned, both for our STEW and for would-be attendees.

We will be considering various options on how to proceed for 2021. This includes hosting the convention later in the year, having a replacement event (e.g. an online convention), or postponing until 2022. If the convention is postponed, the theme for 2021 will carry over to the next year. The world is too unpredictable for us to be able to make any promises or to give any dates at this time.

Any news that we can share regarding NordicFuzzCon taking place in 2021, we will share through our usual channels (Twitter, Telegram, etc.). You can find them all listed here:

We thank you all for your patience, and wish you the best in these trying times.

Clover, Ethan, Miles, Pinky, Trax

COVID-19 Report: Furry Blacklight

Furry Blacklight takes place in Paris, France usually from the end of October to early November.