Just The Fur Weekend Cancels

Just The Fur Weekend which takes place in Bristol, England cancels 2022 gathering due to COVID

From their Twitter

We are sad to announce we will not be running a convention in 2022. https://jftw.org/covid19/ Please do keep an eye out as we have other plans for the year coming

which includes supporting our charity!

Fur Con News: Furry Migration Official Photo, Further Confusion Picnic

Wow! 252 Fursuiters in our #MnFM2021 parade! Official photo below! Can you spot yourself? They also has 1132 attendees

Further Confusion’s Oct 3 Picnic

You can register HERE

But please take note of their COVID Policy

Fur Con News: Fluufff COVID Policy, FURSAverance Donation

Fluufff (Belgium) sets COVID Policy

Dear Attendees,

The current situation allows us to hold the convention on the 10th to the 14th of November. However, regulations require you to have a valid Covid Safe Ticket. It is a European Covid Certificate which contains either:

  • A proof of complete vaccinations (2 weeks since the last dose)
  • A negative test (less than 3 days old PCR test or less than 2 days old Antigenic test).
  • A proof of recovery from COVID (less than 6 months old).

To limit the risk of transmitting the virus, attendees and staff are required to wear a mask in the convention area when moving around. There are two exceptions to that rule:

  • Fursuiters, when fursuiting, are not required to wear a mask (we highly recommend one when possible).
  • Medical reasons (Informed by email to the Stewards team (https://fluufff.org/contact?contact=StewardsAndSafety) before the convention).
    We will keep monitoring the current situation to see if measures can be relieved before the convention starts.

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FURSAverance (South Africa) donation to Ivics Medical Care during their recent Online Con

Fur Con News: WPAFW COVID Policy, LIFC Goes Virtual

WPAFW announces COVID Policy

Little Island Fur Con (Singapore) Goes Virtual


LIFC Online is the very first online furcon that will be held on Discord on the 13th of November! Attendee registration begins 18 September! More details on our website! Link

Fur Con News: WAFF (Australia) Cancels 2021 Con

WAFF or West Aussie Fur Frenzy which takes place in Perth, Australia Cancels 2021 Con

Hello Furs

Unfortunately, Victoria has now been classified as a High Risk.

This means there is no chance of Victorians being able to attend WAFF without going through a 2 weeks quarantine (also if they are even accepted to come over through the G2G form)

Because of this, WAFF will start getting in touch with all Victorian attendees and offering cancellations and refund over the next few days and the weekend.

To save us time, if you are a Victorian with a ticket, can you please reply to the ticket email and ask us for a cancellation and refund.

We are sad to miss you this year, and we will keep the venue warm for your hopeful attendance at next years WAFF!

Fur Con News: Tails and Tornadoes FC COVID Policy,

Tails and Tornadoes Fur Con COVID Policy

Original post can be found here

DenFur Sets 2022 Date

COVID-19 Report: Where Do We Currently Stand?

I know if you watch the news these days you get conflicting reports. One may say doom and gloom, but yet there is hope with the vaccinations. Meanwhile a few cons actually set dates.

So like I said where do we stand? In Illinois where I am based as of yesterday there were more than 1 million vaccinated. The CDC actually advised those who were vaccinated that, they could part with the masks. Meaning they actually had immunity, although do to the Federal and State Mandate they still said for now wear them.

I don’t have to work in a office to know more people are going back to work. My building sits on a main street, that pre pandemic we use to joke about that it was the 2nd Indy Track. Believe me it went from you could walk in the middle of it to heavy traffic which it is now. Even the buses and the subway seems more crowded.

Meanwhile like the elephant in the room, where does this crappy virus stand. Currently down, the numbers are falling in most areas. The reason we are hearing a lot about Brasil and their numbers. All I will say on that this is what happens when you got a govt whose leaders have said and I quote “The virus should burn itself out”. If you think I am kiddin’ look it up.

Maybe the US Govt is right, maybe by late summer there will be fun again.

In case your wondering how good is the vaccine, they are saying your immunity actually gets better over time.

I do advise everyone to get the vaccine.