COVID-19 Report: Where Do We Currently Stand?

I know if you watch the news these days you get conflicting reports. One may say doom and gloom, but yet there is hope with the vaccinations. Meanwhile a few cons actually set dates.

So like I said where do we stand? In Illinois where I am based as of yesterday there were more than 1 million vaccinated. The CDC actually advised those who were vaccinated that, they could part with the masks. Meaning they actually had immunity, although do to the Federal and State Mandate they still said for now wear them.

I don’t have to work in a office to know more people are going back to work. My building sits on a main street, that pre pandemic we use to joke about that it was the 2nd Indy Track. Believe me it went from you could walk in the middle of it to heavy traffic which it is now. Even the buses and the subway seems more crowded.

Meanwhile like the elephant in the room, where does this crappy virus stand. Currently down, the numbers are falling in most areas. The reason we are hearing a lot about Brasil and their numbers. All I will say on that this is what happens when you got a govt whose leaders have said and I quote “The virus should burn itself out”. If you think I am kiddin’ look it up.

Maybe the US Govt is right, maybe by late summer there will be fun again.

In case your wondering how good is the vaccine, they are saying your immunity actually gets better over time.

I do advise everyone to get the vaccine.

COVID-19 Report: EAST Cancels for 2021

EAST (A fur con which takes place in Germany) reports on their Telegram

“Dear EAST 10 participants and fellow furs,

Like many of you, the question “What will happen to EAST 10 in July 2021?” has kept us on tenterhooks for the last few weeks.
With reference to the Covid 19 crisis, we have deliberately waited for all developments and decisions so as not to make any hasty decisions. In doing so, we have been in constant close contact with the Ringberghotel and have talked through all eventualities and possibilities.

Together with the Ringberghotel, we have now come to the decision to postpone the official EAST 10 until 2022.
A new EAST date will be announced soon.”

COVID-19 Report: Fauntastic (France) Postponed to 2022

As reported on their Telegram

COVID-19 Report: WUFF Cancels 2021 Con

My heart literally goes out to WUFF, which takes place in the Ukraine and all the problems that country has with Russia WUFF had to be cancelled more than a few times. In fact their actual last convention was in 2018. So by the time 2022 rolls around it will be 4 years since their last con. Here at Furry Times we wish them the very best.

Megaplex Cancels Annual Picnic

As announced on there Telegram

COVID-19 Report: Furnal Equinox

Furnal Equinox cancels there 2020 con in favor of a VC fingers crossed for 2021

COVID-19 Report: Confurtiva

As the year winds down we finally get a press release from 1 of the 2 cons that still had an event scheduled


Dear Confurtiva fans, artists and attendees.

It is with regret to say that the event planned to take place this weekend in person has been postponed indefinitely to 2021.

In order to maintain the economic development of the event, our strategic allies, the Hotel Geneve, have provided us with the facilities so that the payments and advances made to the facilities to carry out the event remain insured, as indicated in the attached communication letter addressed to our General Director of the Event: Alejandro GutiƩrrez Lizardi "AoiKuma".

The Hotel Geneve, sensitive to the current situation of the event, has also offered to maintain the costs of the 2020 event, so the prices in the 2021 edition will not increase.

Not only that, but we will have the full collaboration of our strategic allies to carry out a hybrid mini event (virtual and face-to-face) to support the furry artistic community in the coming months and maintain support for the event.

That is why if you:

You purchased a space for the event.
You have purchased an access to the event.

You can keep it at the same cost for our 2021 event or for the hybrid mini event to be announced.

In case you prefer to execute the refund of the payments made. You can write to where we will gladly coordinate the procedure to carry out the refund. However, the event and our strategic allies would help us a lot if you prefer to choose to keep your access or your table. Rest assured that we will know how to reward it.

This year we celebrated our virtual edition, which allowed us to maintain the continuity of the event and of the guests, in the next few days we will upload the conferences of the event for you to relive them!

Thank you for your preference and see you in 2021!

Organizing committee

COVID-19 Report: Austin Furry Burlesque

Austin Furry Burlesque which was to have it’s ADULTS Only 1 gathering next year. Now has no choice but to postpone that scheduled gathering. New date has not been announced.