Las Vegas Fur Con COVID Policy

We have our tentative 2023 COVID-19 and Health Policy! Key points: -Any revisions will be reported 2/12 and 3/14 -COVID-19 primary series completed on or after 10/1/22 OR single booster shot required -Masking required most of the time in indoor con space, recommended elsewhere

Las Vegas Fur Con Open Letter

Letter from our Vice Chair! tl;dr: LVFC will now be able to offer comped Attendee badges for all DJs and live performers in the official lineup.

Las Vegas Fur Con Will Be Mailing Badges

Las Vegas Fur Con from Day 1 will be mailing badges. Brand New Con right from the start, I am aware it is both overwhelming and impractical for the larger cons to do so. But for Las Vegas Fur Con to do this we THANK YOU

Las Vegas Fur Con 2023 Registration Open

Las Vegas Fur Con is to take place on April 14 – 16 2023

LINK to their site

Inside Las Vegas Fur Con

I reached out to a brand new fur con in the works named Las Vegas Fur Con. I know Las Vegas isn’t the first place you think about fur cons. So I reached out. I was contacted by Tanner there Public Relations rep for the convention.

Furry Times: Planning a fur con in Las Vegas must present some very unique problems

Tanner: A Las Vegas furcon certainly does – most venues are casinos and so are uncomfortable with fursuit heads near the gaming floor. This basically limits year one events to casinos where it’s possible to go straight from the hotel to the convention space (rare except for newer places) or non-casino venues, which is why we chose the Alexis Park.

FT: When it comes to furry Las Vegas usually isn’t the 1st place most think about. Could you talk about the fandom there, meets and the like.

Tanner: While the Vegas fandom is transient, it is actually very active: we have at least 4 active meetup groups and a student organization/club at the local university. The club actually is where a lot of LVFC’s initial board of directors came from.

FT: Seriously this interview has been so eye opening.

This is it as I can get what I need from your site.

Except for something I usually do at this point. Let you say whatever is on your mind.

Tanner: I’d just say that we’ve got a lot of stuff in store over the next several weeks and are confident we’ll be able to put on a really awesome event! With a hopefully minimal registration wait time since we plan to mail badges to attendees ahead of time free of charge.

Thank you for the interview; you’re always welcome to reach out to us for more!

The Details:

Las Vegas Fur Con takes place at Alexis Park All-Suite Resort 375 E Harmon Ave Las Vegas, NV from Friday, April 14 to Sunday, April 16, 2023

Registration is currently open