Fur Con News: Den Fur

To start off Den Fur made this announcement on their Telegram

An exciting announcement, we are over half way to max capacity, you must register to guarantee your attendance!

To remind everyone the limit is 500 this year, so if your going you need to register ASAP!!!

In addition to the standard levels this year they introduced the Super Patron

Super Patrons! Your special custom gift has been decided- a custom royal robe! That means SP registration closes 6/20!

A Royal Robe will be the coolest souvenir EVER!!!

Like a lot of places Den Fur is looking to add staff. So if you live in the area, this is something to consider.

HELP WANTED! The holy curl won’t find itself… Staff hiring is happening now! Apply here: http://denfur.org/staffapplication… All positions are needed, but the greatest need is in our registration and operations department!

Fur Con News: Den Fur Opens Room Block

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Our hotel block will be opening soon! May 16th for Dealers, May 21st for Super Patrons, and the 26th for all attendees!

With that, registration as of now will be limited to 2,500 attendees. This may change, but is the limit for now. Be sure to register soon!

See the registration link here: denfur.org/attending.html

Registration as of right now will not only be limited, but currently will be pre-reg only. This could change in the future as COVID-19 restrictions change.

How To Get Yourself Banned from Multiple Fur Cons with Just 1 Post

It began when Den Fur made there announcement that they were holding an August fur con. When this idiot posted this. Original Post Deleted duh

As you can see Furbar Dog is clearly promoting the use of FAKE Vaccination Cards.

The fallout was quick

1st Den Fur

And with that banned from 3 fur cons

This virus is serious folks, people have died. To make light about this should get them banned.

MFF is associated with several other fur cons and if say you get banned from 1 you will get banned from all of them. This has happened to several furries, who discovered that they got a lifetime ban. I am not saying that will happen in this case. But I would advise Furbar Dog, don’t make any plans for anytime soon.

COVID-19 Report: Den Fur

Den Fur announced yesterday that the 2020 convention is cancelled

COVID-19 Report

Confuzzled Issues a Statement it seems their con is still going ahead…for now

DenFur is still going ahead with their planned convention

Indy Fur Con issues a statement

PAWAI hopes con will go ahead but is keeping options open

Mephit Fur Meet issues a statement hoping for the best

Lastly Furry Pinas

Breaking News: DenFur 2019

DenFur Reports on Twitter

Greetings adventurer’s! While we make preparations for things to come we have gathered some much sought-after information; it took a small side quest to complete. Grand total of attendees: 2736 Grand total of suiters: 334 And a grand total of 15k raised for our amazing charity!

They also released a poster for DenFur 2020

DenFur Official Announcement

From Den Fur official Twitter page @DenFurCo

Our Charity Freedom Service Dogs was able to take home 15,000 today…let’s double it next year

Official attendance 2,000