Den Fur COVID Policy

Final COVID-19 Policy for DenFur 2022:

  • Completed primary series of any of the accepted vaccines at least two weeks prior to the convention (August 4th, 2022).
  • Masks must be worn at all times in convention space.
  • Masks will not be required underneath fursuit heads.
  • We are currently not accepting refunds at this time.

We believe this will allow us to provide the best convention we can in a safe manner.

Den Fur Registration Improvements

Afternoon all, we have been getting some questions about registration this year. I really want to share with you some of the important factors we are addressing.

Den Fur’s 2022 Charity Horseback Miracles

Which according to their site

Horseback Miracle (HBM) is a non-profit organization which provides the most advanced, innovative and worldwide unique equine-assisted sensory-based therapy program for its participants from a successful method invented and develop since 1991 by Terry Draper.

Today shall be a day of announcements!! We would also like to share with you our charity for DenFur 2022. Horseback Miracles!! Check out their DenFur page here: or Their homepage here:

DenFur Is Coming Back

It seems despite all the rumors and all that has happened since the last. DenFur is slowly returning.

Strong bit of advice for anyone who wants to sell at a con. PLEASE deal with the con DIRECTLY!!!

Scammers are still out there….

DenFur 2022 Registration Open

I almost missed this one as it quietly opened a few weeks ago.

Prepare for sticker shock

Then there is the Day Pass which I normally don’t mention. Because we all know what it should cost $40-60 is pretty much standard.

But not at DenFur 2022 and the most expensive Day Pass I have ever seen.

Your seeing right $75, we will have to see if other cons follow.

You can register here

Halloween discounts open for Golden State Fur Con and Denfur

It seems this discount extends to both Golden State Fur Con as well as Den Fur

Golden State Fur Con Link

Den Fur Link

or enter promo code “2021spookysale”

Fur Con News: DenFur sets 2022 Dates, Confuror seeks Panels

DenFur Sets 2022 dates

Now is your time to Host your own panel

Host a panel at Confuror Online 2021! All contents and ideas are welcomed! Follow the instructions on this page to learn how to submit your proposal. You have until October 4th!

Confuror Online 2021 has a space waiting for you!

Fur Con News: Tails and Tornadoes FC COVID Policy,

Tails and Tornadoes Fur Con COVID Policy

Original post can be found here

DenFur Sets 2022 Date

Fur Con News: Confuror Virtual Fursuit Parade, Den Fur totals

Confuror is holding another Online con, but most important it includes a Virtual Fursuit Parade. What does that mean, you record a 10 to 20 second long video while in your fursuit.

Details can be found here

Den Fur totals

Drumroll please! DenFur’s final tally for 2021: Attendance: 2,566 (capped!) Charity numbers for @TenaciousRanch : $10,985 + @DenFurCO‘s donation of $5,015 = $16,000! (You all ROCK!) Next year’s theme is DenFur in Wonderland! GOH’s for 2022: @sailorrooscout & @RedCoatCat !

Fur Con News: DenFur Tough Mask Policy, AnthrOhio Furmeet and walk

DenFur don’t want to wear a mask, get you badge revoked.

Original post can be found here

AnthrOhio Furmeet and Furwalk