WPAFW Charity & Suggested Donations

So our charity of the year (Paws Across Pittsburgh) has put together a list of donatable items! Feel free to bring these along to WPAFW if you would like to donate them!

WPAFW 2022 Charity: Paws Across Pittsburgh

Today is a spotlight on this year’s charity: Paws Across Pittsburgh! Paws Across Pittsburgh is an all volunteer home based foster organization.

In just a little over 6 years, over 4,000 animals have been saved. Paws has several specialty programs for injured/disabled dogs & seniors! You can check them out below! http://pawsacrosspittsburgh.com


WPAFW 2022 Guest of Honor: Relosaurus

Goood Morning WPAFW! Today we welcome our Guest of Honor for 2022: @Relosaurus

Rel is an artist currently living in the Hudson Valley area of New York. They lived in Pittsburgh from 2015-2020, when they first volunteered and then became staff for WPAFW.

They were first introduced to the furry community when they were 13, and they immediately fell in love with the big fluffy critters. They started drawing right away, and they’ve been drawing for fun ever since! They also enjoy fursuiting in their red panda suit, Blue.

You can find them of course on Twitter, but also on Furaffinity https://furaffinity.net/user/relosaurus/… and Deviantart https://deviantart.com/Relosaurus !

WPAFW Registration Open

WPAFW or Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend takes place Oct 7 – 9 in Allison Park, PA

More details can be found on their official site

There was some additional information posted on their Facebook page

And the gates are open! Registration for WPAFW 2022 is now available! Follow the link to sign up, and remember, slots are limited this year at 80 super-sponsors and 500 overall! https://reg.wpafw.org

WPAFW Beer Contest

Yes this is legit LINK

Looking for something fun to do while you’re hiding indoors from the bitter winter chill? Why not learn to brew something for the First Annual #WPAFW Brewing Competition being held in 2022? Mead, beer, cider, and wine are welcome. Questions? Reach out to programming@wpafw.org

Fur Con News: WPAFW COVID Policy, LIFC Goes Virtual

WPAFW announces COVID Policy

Little Island Fur Con (Singapore) Goes Virtual


LIFC Online is the very first online furcon that will be held on Discord on the 13th of November! Attendee registration begins 18 September! More details on our website! Link

Fur Con News: WPAFW, Fur Squared Make Both Vaccines and Mask Mandatory

A little warning if you plan on using a fake vaccine card. This is now illegal and you can go to REAL jail over this. So always us a legit one.

As much as some of us find masks annoying, and I include myself in that group. If you want to go to a con YOU MUST WEAR ONE. Many a con have set policies that you let that mask slip and you will get booted from the con.

My only advice to those who don’t want to go that route. Stay home.

Fur Con News: WPAFW, Anthrocon

So what do you get:


An attending membership allows a member access to the event for its duration (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), food and drink at the event, and any publications at the event.

You also get 2 free seed tickets for the charity auction!


Generosity is appreciated! Sponsors help us provide even more services and activities for our membership. A sponsor gets the full privileges of an attending membership, as well as the following:

  • An awesome Sponsor ribbon
  • A special, collectible WPAFW cup
  • Expedited badge pickup on site
  • An extra 2 seed tickets!
  • Access to our Beer and Cider Bar on site (must be over 21)

Super Sponsor

You are incredibly generous! We will lavish you with gifts, praise, and thanks! A Super Sponsor(!) gets the full privileges of a Sponsor membership as well as the following:

  • An extra special and customized WPAFW gift!
  • ANOTHER extra 2 seed tickets!
  • A craft brewed cider flight including a paddle branded by a Das creation!
  • AND a special event (and keepsake) just for Super-Sponsors with the Guests of Honor!


A few weeks ago Uncle Kage warned of crooked dealers and of how Anthrocon was looking for solutions. The sad fact is that cons have always had their issues with crooks. There are a few that happened at MFF I know about. This is why it is so important when a commission goes wrong, report it to the con ASAP