A message about the ACFI Drag Show

I might be starting a war with haters. but. Drag Shows have been going on for at last 400 years. They began during the time of Shakespeare. When it was illegal for women to preform. You know no woman preformed on stage to at least the 1800s.

Below is a trailer to what is a Drag Queen film made in 1959 by Billy Wilder. Starring 2 top male actors of the day Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon. A film I have seen countless times, and according to one of it’s stars they went out in drag to a local place and got hit on by guys.

Also btw this film can not be shown in Texas and Florida.

Well I’ll let you be the judge why this shouldn’t shown to kids.

ACFI Film Fest

ACFI fans and creatives! This year on the final day of the con, we will be holding our first TEXAS ANTHRO FILM FESTIVAL! Rules and submissions coming soon. Stay tuned!

Alamo City Furry Invasion 2023 Reg Open

Also like last year they will be offering GOH Dinner Passes and a VIP Snack Pass which will offer hot food.

More details here: https://www.furryinvasion.org/attendance-levels

ACFI Registration Open

With options for Guest of Honor Dinner Pass $40 and you too can get a Swag Bag $25


ACFI Offers Year’s End Discount

Early Bird Discounts!

Pay 2022 pre-registration prices for a limited time.

Pick your promo code and save!

Early Bird Attendee ($20 Off): PawridisePunch

 Early Bird Sponsor ($25 Off): CockatielColada

Early Bird Super Sponsor ($35 Off): FlamingoSunset

 Early Bird Mega Sponsor ($75 Off): ToucanTikiPunch

More details https://www.furryinvasion.org/so/8aNyVBnQ8?languageTag=en#/main

ACFI Guest of Honor 2023

Our next Guest of Honor for #ACFI2023! It’s Probably Mars is a 27 year old Puerto Rican lesbian living in Austin, Texas. Mars is an illustrator and fursuit maker who has made it their sole profession since 2017.

ACFI COVID Policy Change

Updates to ACFI’s Covid-19 Policy and FAQ

Due to the US and other countries like Canada removing these mandates as well as the CDC stating it is now safe to remove mask mandates, the ACFI will not be requiring masks. We want everyone to feel safe, so feel free to wear one. This portion of the poilcy has also been removed from the CoC, Rule# 3 – Our Rating (Dress Code). 

As a vendor, you may ask that people wear one at your table.  Please note that the ACFI will not be providing masks so you will need to provide your own.  Please be respectful of other’s decisions on Masking, as any harassment is a violation of Rule #8 of the CoC and engaging in controversy is against Rule# 14, Tradition 10.

For more information regarding our policy please go to https://www.furryinvasion.org/covid-19.

Alamo City Furry Invasion Update

Come, Sit, Stay! The Puppies & Pets Gear and Talent Show will be happening on Friday, October 7th at 10pm. Judges are Pup Ace from Austin, Pup Wiggles from San Antonio and Odin Wolf from Michigan. Brought to you by Boop Society of Austin and SAKK – San Antonio Kennel Klub

ACFI Car Show Oct 7 – 9 2022

Tails and taillights! And no, we don’t mean lighted tails. But maybe we do. Fun, cars, and obstacle courses await at the ACFI Tail & Taillights Car Show, October 7-9 2022! Sign up here: LINK

TupiCon (Russia) News, ACFI Guest of Honar Tiny Bunner

From TupiCon Telegram

No, this is not at all an official announcement, this is just the thoughts of stupid orgs.

We are increasingly being asked "When?", Mainly to plan vacations for the next year.

We are not yet ready to say the exact dates, because we do not yet have a lease agreement on hand.
But we are negotiating with the site for September 8-11, the reservation is preliminary.

❗️This is categorically not accurate, no need to refer to this post, we will deny everything!

The last, but not least, Guest of Honor for ACFI 2022 is Dr. Vir- wait…uh…we mean @TinyBunner! 🐰

Bunner is a talented artist that has done so much for ACFI! With her Bun-Tough attitude, wit and creativity, we are proud to honor our official convention artist as 2022’s GoH!