Odin Wolf Guest of Honor ACFI 2022

Furry YouTuber Odin Wolf Guest of Honor at ACFI 2022

In height of the mystery surrounding the puzzling death of our Conchair, Drummer, a select few have been chosen to aid in solving this bewildering predicament~!

We welcome to the podium…ODIN WOLF!

Odin Wolf will be joining us as the Fursuit Guest of Honor for ACFI 2022!

Fur Con News: FurvanaNW totals, ACFI Extends Pre-Registration

FurvanaNW releases both attendance and charity numbers

ACFI extends Pre-Registration to Oct 1. In these days where some cons have limited attendance it is nice to see this happening.

COVID-19 Report: Alamo City Furry Invasion

With this one post on Twitter ACFI is postponed to 2021

More details can be found here