West Aussie Fur Frenzy 2022 (Australia) Charity Numbers

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Thank you everyone for attending WAFF 2022 and for everyone for attending and taking part take in our charity auction. With the help of you generous individuals, you raised a grand total of $6760 to Greyhound Adoptions WA.

Now enjoy a brief break before attending our DJ dance at 9:15PM and party with us all night!!!

WAFF (Australia) Make Con Photos Available, Bewhiskered Charity Total

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Hey Furs!

The Photos from WAFF 2021: The Good, The Bad, and the Furry are now up and available! You can view and download them! and as an extra special feature you can purchase any photo to go onto a poster, t-shirt, a mug, or many other keepsakes!

Check it all out at: https://photos.waff.net.au/

Bewhiskered Raises Money for Safe Haven for Cats

This year we helped raise $6,243 for them! Roughly $4,900 of that was from the charity auction alone!

Safe Haven for Cats

Founded in 1994, SAFE Haven is a registered 501(c)3 dedicated to saving cats’ lives. To date they have helped adopt over 12,100 cats and spayed/neutered over 36,000 animals in their low-cost clinic. They rely on donations to do their incredible work, and we are excited to help them continue their mission.

Fur Con News: WAFF (Australia) Cancels 2021 Con

WAFF or West Aussie Fur Frenzy which takes place in Perth, Australia Cancels 2021 Con

Hello Furs

Unfortunately, Victoria has now been classified as a High Risk.

This means there is no chance of Victorians being able to attend WAFF without going through a 2 weeks quarantine (also if they are even accepted to come over through the G2G form)

Because of this, WAFF will start getting in touch with all Victorian attendees and offering cancellations and refund over the next few days and the weekend.

To save us time, if you are a Victorian with a ticket, can you please reply to the ticket email and ask us for a cancellation and refund.

We are sad to miss you this year, and we will keep the venue warm for your hopeful attendance at next years WAFF!

Fur Con News: Eurofurence , WAFF

The next Eurofurence is postponed to 2022 and the next Online version this September

WAFF (Australia)

WAFF Announcements, [12.05.21 23:13]
Hey Fluff Butts!!

We are working on adding the below onto our website, but in the meantime, here is an announcement with links and details! Enjoy!

VOLUNTEERS!!! Those who are interesting in volunteering with WAFF, please lodge your interest with us on our register! Volunteering can be at the convention itself (which requires having a valid ticket) but also, you can volunteer your time before the convention or even volunteer your time at any evens run by WAFF outside of the con. All these options and more are available on our register, so please if you wish to give back to the community and help create the fun, hop on and register!
Volunteer Register: https://forms.gle/hUd6mEzm1sRqcGH47

Please click the link below to register your interest in a table! If one becomes free, then we have a way to get in touch to offer it to you. Also, this gives us an idea of how many more dealers wanted to come, so in the future we can look at acquiring more space for them! So please, let us know if you missed out by registering below!
Overflow Dealers Register: https://forms.gle/fAk65ZQ8Q1omwBVV9

EVENTS & PANELS at the Convention!
Who has a great idea for a Panel at WAFF? Who wants to run a panel themselves? Who wants some information about how to run a panel and what’s involved, so you can decide if you wish to run one yourself? ALL THESE QUESTIONS AND MORE will be answered in the near future, we will be setting up a register for anyone who wishes to hold a Panel at WAFF this year, as well as putting together some information for those curious to know what it takes to run a Panel. For now, if you have any questions, PM our Events Manager, @WatermelonFox

Any General Inquiries, please feel free to Email: info@waff.net.au

WAFF Increases Capacity; Fur Eh Fursuit Parade News

Western Australia Fur Frenzy recently they announced that they will be increasing capacity for their 2021 convention to 200 on there site due to improving conditions.

To learn how you can be apart of Fur Eh Virtual Fursuit Parade


COVID-19 Report: Furvana, WAFF

Furvana which takes place in September at Ocean Shores, WA USA was postponed to 2021

More details can be found HERE

WAFF or Western Australia Fur Frenzy was to take place September 25-27th 2020 in Perth, Australia. Has been postponed to 2021.