Fur Con News: Eurofurence , WAFF

The next Eurofurence is postponed to 2022 and the next Online version this September

WAFF (Australia)

WAFF Announcements, [12.05.21 23:13]
Hey Fluff Butts!!

We are working on adding the below onto our website, but in the meantime, here is an announcement with links and details! Enjoy!

VOLUNTEERS!!! Those who are interesting in volunteering with WAFF, please lodge your interest with us on our register! Volunteering can be at the convention itself (which requires having a valid ticket) but also, you can volunteer your time before the convention or even volunteer your time at any evens run by WAFF outside of the con. All these options and more are available on our register, so please if you wish to give back to the community and help create the fun, hop on and register!
Volunteer Register: https://forms.gle/hUd6mEzm1sRqcGH47

Please click the link below to register your interest in a table! If one becomes free, then we have a way to get in touch to offer it to you. Also, this gives us an idea of how many more dealers wanted to come, so in the future we can look at acquiring more space for them! So please, let us know if you missed out by registering below!
Overflow Dealers Register: https://forms.gle/fAk65ZQ8Q1omwBVV9

EVENTS & PANELS at the Convention!
Who has a great idea for a Panel at WAFF? Who wants to run a panel themselves? Who wants some information about how to run a panel and what’s involved, so you can decide if you wish to run one yourself? ALL THESE QUESTIONS AND MORE will be answered in the near future, we will be setting up a register for anyone who wishes to hold a Panel at WAFF this year, as well as putting together some information for those curious to know what it takes to run a Panel. For now, if you have any questions, PM our Events Manager, @WatermelonFox

Any General Inquiries, please feel free to Email: info@waff.net.au