Furvana Con Tee

The #Furvana23 shirt has arrived! featuring artwork by GoH Soren! Add one with PreReg by Aug 5th 2023 to guarantee your order! (Sponsors/Patrons will have one included with your Reg) At Con Supplies will be limited! More of Sorens Art Can be found here …https://shelbybenefieldillustration.myportfolio.com

Furvana 2023 Registration Open

For the record I am talking about a convention that will take place on Sept 8-10, 2023

Furvana is held Ocean Shores Convention Center Ocean Shores, WA

Register Link

Furvana Beach Clean Up

I love it when cons become part of the community, honestly if I did not live 2000 miles away I would be there. Link to event MeetUp page

Furvana Plans for 2023, Furry HVAC NE California

The staff has decided to book the second weekend in September 2023 for the next furry convention. Sept 8-10th 2023 (Theme: Vapourwave)

Since there wasn’t much happening Let’s talk about Midnight Mechanical located in NE California

A furry business that could use customer check out their site

Fur Con News: FurvanaNW totals, ACFI Extends Pre-Registration

FurvanaNW releases both attendance and charity numbers

ACFI extends Pre-Registration to Oct 1. In these days where some cons have limited attendance it is nice to see this happening.

COVID-19 Report: Furvana, WAFF

Furvana which takes place in September at Ocean Shores, WA USA was postponed to 2021

More details can be found HERE

WAFF or Western Australia Fur Frenzy was to take place September 25-27th 2020 in Perth, Australia. Has been postponed to 2021.