Fur Con News: WAFF (Australia) Cancels 2021 Con

WAFF or West Aussie Fur Frenzy which takes place in Perth, Australia Cancels 2021 Con

Hello Furs

Unfortunately, Victoria has now been classified as a High Risk.

This means there is no chance of Victorians being able to attend WAFF without going through a 2 weeks quarantine (also if they are even accepted to come over through the G2G form)

Because of this, WAFF will start getting in touch with all Victorian attendees and offering cancellations and refund over the next few days and the weekend.

To save us time, if you are a Victorian with a ticket, can you please reply to the ticket email and ask us for a cancellation and refund.

We are sad to miss you this year, and we will keep the venue warm for your hopeful attendance at next years WAFF!