Man walks cross-country in teddy bear costume for charity

 A man in a teddy bear costume is walking across the country for a good cause.

He goes by the name Bearsun and he is walking from California to New York City, documenting his journey on Instagram and webpage



CANCER (National Breast Cancer Foundation)

MENTAL HEALTH (Active Minds)

AUTISM (Autism Society for America)

ENVIROMENTAL (Environmental Defends)

Here at Furry Times applaud their amazing effort and wish them the very best

Fur Con News: FWA Accepting Panel Applications, KRAZ Tearoom


From KRAZ (Czech Republic) Telegram

Hello to all KRAZ supporters and attendees!

Today we start with bad news – due to the personal indisposition of our tea master the tearoom will not be available this year. We apologize to all of you who wanted to taste freshly imported tea.

Let’s play on a happier note now. For one evening, the famous Scott Ibex with Nový Úsvit band as his musical accompaniment will be performing original modern country, blues and bluegrass for you. Scott, born in Utah, spent the last 20 years performing in operas and at concerts, mostly for charity, and he loves Czechia, where he performs with Nový Úsvit band. He is passionate about giving back to his surroundings, so let’s give him some back as well and come see him at the concert, which is included in the basic registration package.

For experienced riders and beginner cowboys as well we’ve prepared horse rides, with very talented horse trainer, which will pay us a visit on Saturday, 10AM, and for will let you ride her horses just like in the old Wild west. Payment for the ride is cash only.

And least but not last – a real delicacy for you on Thursday afternoon. Exclusively for the Czech Republic, only in our country will a group of Heraldos Stunt Brothers perform with the largest and most amazing horse show that the western town has ever experienced. The show will be mainly oriented to the past and dreamed times, with a focus on chivalry and fantasy. Of course, this does not mean that fursuiters aren’t welcome! Quite the contrary, to attract a proper audience, there will be open hours of the town of Boskovice throughout Thursday afternoon, when from 1:30 PM regular visitors will be able to enter the town and interact with you. At the same time, a group photo shoot of KRAZ participants will take place at 2:15 PM. The Main Street will be fully operational throughout the day, all souvenir shops and the bar with restaurant will be in full swing for both us and regular visitors. We will also be guided throughout the afternoon by a professional moderator from the Wild West.

For more information, visit our website’s Entertainment section. Don’t also forget to visit our News section, where you can find all the information about current COVID pandemic regulations related to KRAZ.

KRAZ starts on 29th September. Don’t forget to ask for a vacation, feed your fish and grab your good mood and come to Boskovice. We’re looking forward to see you!