FWA Final Charity #s

Direct from their Twitter

We want to thank you all again for such an amazing #FWA2023. And we especially want to thank you for helping us raise $100,000 for @AnimalParkNC!!!!!!

No half million but still $100,000 will help out a lot of animals

FWA 2023 Sets Record Attendance

FWA is currently the 2nd largest fur con in the world. Literally just behind MFF.

10,328!!!!! THATS HOW MANY OF YALL SHOWED UP, AAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all so much for an incredible #FWA2023

!!! Join us next year for Furry University 2!!!!! May 9th-12th, 2024!!!

So how big a jump was this over 2022? Try 7212 which means it jumped by more than 3000.

Although it is impossible at this point to know what the final numbers will be at both MFF and Anthrcon. I am willing to say that both will be up, how much?

FWA Presents Moonlight Festival

The Moonlight Festival will be held on Friday, May 12th, 2023 from 8:00PM to 1:00AM.

You can find more Info here https://www.furryweekend.com/events/moonlight-festival/

Interesting enough no photos or videos allowed

FWA Theme for 2023

We look forward to seeing everyone at The Lost City, next May 11-14th, 2023 with Guest of Honor,


FWA Sets Record

I will fully admit 2022 has been an interesting year so far.

Texas Furry Fiesta beats attendance record by a mere 198

But what happened at Furry Weekend Atlanta must have surprised everyone

The real number is some 1655 more than 2019

I wonder what will be in store for future cons like MFF. I know the con is some 7 months away they are already talking about record attendance.

Although the charity numbers for FWA are not officially in as of this posting. Unofficial numbers put it at: $50,000 (est) the same as 2019

Furality @ FWA 2022

We are excited to announce that

@Furality is coming to FWA 2022! Experience the magic of the Luma Forest at Furality Gateway, an immersive audiovisual experience that connects the VR furry fandom to the physical world. Coming May 6 – 8 at FWA 2022 and F.Y.N.N.’s Room in #VRChat

FWA Controversy: Paid Non Furry Acts

In short this is what happened

Con hired a gold record award winning non furry DJ musician that allegedly promotes NFT’s taking a spot away from someone who could actually use the exposure and promotion.

FWA’s Response

We will have to see what happens coming forward

Moms of Furries Chill Space at FWA

This one is for the young adults and parents! We are happy to announce that

@MomsofFurries will be at FWA 2022! They will have a room dedicated to activates and events designed towards our younger crowd and their parents in our programming area!