KRAZ (Czech Republic)

You gotta to love a fur con whose 2021 con had a Medieval theme took place at a real castle LINK

There next con which will take place May 4 to 8 2022 takes place in a recreation of an Old West Town

Official Announcement

Hold your hats ladies and gentlemen! We’d like to announce a new date for the KRAZ 2022. Mark the date 4th – 8th May 2022 in your calendar. Registration will open during January, 22th January 2022, 20:00 CET. We’re looking forward to see you!

Registrations open mid-January 2022: KRAZ (Czechia)

You surely can’t wait for KRAZ 2022 to start. To make your waiting easier we’d like to show you exclusive photos of our Fursuiter game show winners.

KRAZ 2022 will take place in spring at the Western city Boskovice. Registrations will start in second half of January.

Picture: Shitty

KRAZ (Czechia) & Cesfur Updates

We’d like to thank you all once again for participating in this year’s KRAZ. We believe that you enjoyed this year full of fun and entertainment, because the next year will be even bigger.

KRAZ 2022 will take place in spring of the next year. Closer date is now being negotiated with the Western city and will be announced as soon as possible. Although we can now announce next year’s theme, Viva la México! Come and rest with your amigos to our unique Western pueblo, drink a round of cerveza and enjoy KRAZ as never seen before.

As a thank you from us you can find a group photo below. Don’t forget to fill in the satisfaction questionnaire, which will be open at least until 20th October 2021. The more of you respond, the better next year will be.

Registrations for KRAZ 2022 will be held during January 2022.

The KRAZ orgateam is looking forward to meet you again next year!

Picture by Furry creatures photography.

Cesfur (Czechia) Attendee signups will open in Spring of 2022 (March)

The third time’s the charm! We are glad to announce the date of Česfur 2020— We mean, 2022. The consite will be open only for fully vaccinated individuals, so please make sure to get your shots beforehand. The pricing of the con is to be announced in the spring, and 2020 registration holders will be prompted to pay to secure their spots first. If they are not interested anymore, we will pass the chance onto the waiting list crowd. And if there will be some hotel beds without somebody to tuck into them still, places will be given up via standard registration, as always.

We sincerely hope to see you all next year! We will be, of course, respecting all measures that will be imposed, but we are firm believers that they will allow us to hold this Česfur. So grab your favorite marker, and mark your calendars for 2. – 6. July of 2022!

Stay safe,
Your orgateam

Fur Con News: FWA Accepting Panel Applications, KRAZ Tearoom


From KRAZ (Czech Republic) Telegram

Hello to all KRAZ supporters and attendees!

Today we start with bad news – due to the personal indisposition of our tea master the tearoom will not be available this year. We apologize to all of you who wanted to taste freshly imported tea.

Let’s play on a happier note now. For one evening, the famous Scott Ibex with Nový Úsvit band as his musical accompaniment will be performing original modern country, blues and bluegrass for you. Scott, born in Utah, spent the last 20 years performing in operas and at concerts, mostly for charity, and he loves Czechia, where he performs with Nový Úsvit band. He is passionate about giving back to his surroundings, so let’s give him some back as well and come see him at the concert, which is included in the basic registration package.

For experienced riders and beginner cowboys as well we’ve prepared horse rides, with very talented horse trainer, which will pay us a visit on Saturday, 10AM, and for will let you ride her horses just like in the old Wild west. Payment for the ride is cash only.

And least but not last – a real delicacy for you on Thursday afternoon. Exclusively for the Czech Republic, only in our country will a group of Heraldos Stunt Brothers perform with the largest and most amazing horse show that the western town has ever experienced. The show will be mainly oriented to the past and dreamed times, with a focus on chivalry and fantasy. Of course, this does not mean that fursuiters aren’t welcome! Quite the contrary, to attract a proper audience, there will be open hours of the town of Boskovice throughout Thursday afternoon, when from 1:30 PM regular visitors will be able to enter the town and interact with you. At the same time, a group photo shoot of KRAZ participants will take place at 2:15 PM. The Main Street will be fully operational throughout the day, all souvenir shops and the bar with restaurant will be in full swing for both us and regular visitors. We will also be guided throughout the afternoon by a professional moderator from the Wild West.

For more information, visit our website’s Entertainment section. Don’t also forget to visit our News section, where you can find all the information about current COVID pandemic regulations related to KRAZ.

KRAZ starts on 29th September. Don’t forget to ask for a vacation, feed your fish and grab your good mood and come to Boskovice. We’re looking forward to see you!

CZECHIA: KRAZ deferred

Due to increasing local daily cases, Czech furcon KRAZ, originally scheduled 1 – 5 April, has deferred into 29 Sept – 3 Oct.

KRAZ Opens Registration

KRAZ takes place in the Czech Republic Link to their site

KRAZ Official Channel🇺🇸🇬🇧
Don’t forget, the registration starts tomorrow, 23rd January 2021 at 08:30PM CET.
You can find some handy info about the registrations bellow.

Due to high demand for con t-shirts it is now possible to select multiple t-shirts of multiple sizes in your registration form. If you want to gift your whole family or friends with KRAZ t-shirts, now you have the chance! There is no quantity discount for the t-shirts. It will be possible to buy some of the leftover t-shirts at the con itself as well. Selling t-shirts without valid registration is not possible.

You can ask for a shuttle from nearby Boskovice or Skalice in your registration form. More info and rules of the shuttle will be delivered to you by an e-mail used for registration.

– FOOD –
Breakfast and Saturday’s BBQ are included in the basic registration. You can select a full board option in your  registration form (where you can also choose between meat and vegetarian variants of the food). Buying single meals is not possible. Due to organization problems on the Western city’s Boskovice side the meals on the menu will be added later. We will inform you as soon as possible.

– FEES –
If you are bringing a (real) dog with you, please select this option in your registration form. If you are bringing more than one dog with you, please contact us.
If you are paying with EUR from abroad (valids for SVK citizens as well), please select the Payment in EUR option in your registration form to cover the expenses for transferring money from a different country.

Payment for your registration has to be sent to arrive at the KRAZ bank account no later than 14 days after approval of your registration. If you already know that you won’t meet the deadline, please contact us in advance so your registration won’t get deleted.
If you are sending your payment from abroad, it is necessary for you to cover all the fees associated with the payment, otherwise there might be an unpaid balance in your registration, which’d have to be paid separately.

Uploading your badge image and changes in your user profile are available no later than 15th March 2021. After that, the data will be processed and sent to print.

We look forward to seeing you at KRAZ 2021!

Kraz takes place in the Che