Site Update: Download Tab Issues

I know many of you use my Downloads tab quite frequently. Believe me I am both happy and grateful as many as you actually are interested in what I have made available. But it wasn’t until recently I noticed that I got a lot of Share requests, upon further investigation I discovered that the Links have stopped working. I am working to make these pieces of furry history once again available to all. But please be aware this will take time. I am only up to Genus Male issue 3 as of this posting. This will take time, and I won’t be responding to any Share requests for now, because I want to use what free time I have during my day to make sure everything works properly for everyone. Once everything is fixed, I will respond to those requests.

All I ask is please be patient as this will take time.

Updates will be issued on Twitter @Furrytimes_usa

Fur Con News: Confuror Dance Sign-ups, Aquafur Seeks DJs

Furry reminder!

Don’t miss your chance to participate in the Confuror Online 2021 Fursuit Dance Competition.

You have only until October 4 to upload your videos and your application. Find more details at: LINK

art by Belovedfoxx

Are you a DJ, want to make a big splash and play at Aquatifur? DJ applications are open! Any genre is ok!

LINK to sign up