Gdakon (Poland) Taking Dealer Sign-ups

Hi there! I’m happy to announce that we’re opening the registration process for the Dealer’s Den at Gdakon 2022.

Now..for some information regarding this topic. With the change of the hotel, the spot for both the DD and Art Show will naturally be different. We won’t be having a designated room like last time, and instead it will be a semi-open space. There will be some security measures in place, just in case some of you want to leave your stuff there.

As always you can register for a spot by filling out a form on the con page, in your profile at

If you plan to take part i also suggest you check out @GdakonDealersDen for more information and details coming up in the near future.

Last but no least..have any questions?
Feel free to throw those at @Shaedo2 or @lestrate

Furries on A Plane

Not a movie, but the real thing when furries take over a Southwest Airlines flight

Original post

A Southwest Airlines flight from Reno to Denver was taken over by a group of animal costume-wearing passengers who are collectively known as furries. The flight attendants and pilots onboard Southwest flight WN1212 took the situation in their stride, even stopping to pose with the furry community while other passengers – known as normies – looked on.

They were all returning home from Reno to Denver after BLFC

A special thanks to Van Hill Millvele for the newstip

Fur-Eh! Christmas Extravaganza

Date: Saturday December 18, 2021
Time: 10:00am – Midnight
LOCATION: Edgemont Community Association – 33 Edgevalley Circle NW, Calgary, AB
OPEN TO: Past & Present attendees of Fur-Eh! or the Fur-Eh! Christmas Party. This event is not open to the general public.
MINORS: You must be 16+ to attend (and obviously of legal drinking age to consume alcohol). If you are under 16, you may attend with an accompanying, paying adult.

More details HERE