Gdakon (Poland) Numbers

Over 460 attendees, 200 fursuiters, 70 helpers – a new record for Gdakon – and it wouldn’t be possible without you.

Previous record 406 in 2020

Gdakon (Poland) Sets Attendance Limit

Posted originally to Telegram

Due to ever-increasing interest in Gdakon which results in more and more people wanting to attend each year, we have decided to limit the number of attendees to 450. This is due to both Polish regulations for mass events and the hotel’s total capacity.

The total number of available beds in Novotel is below that value, so the extra attendees will be considered to be on a waiting list to get a spot in Novotel – we still don’t allow overflow hotels.

The limit is for 450 confirmed attendees (so ones that have paid the confee, as seen in the attendees page), and when we reach the limit we will disable the registration and deactivate the unpaid accounts. So if your roommates did not register yet, please ask them to hurry up!

We will also announce a list of rooms in which you can put an additional bed on request, and what will happen after the hotel payment deadline, so please stay tuned.

Gdakon 2023 (Poland) Registration Open

The only mention of Reg extras was this

If you know anything about Scooby Doo check out their site

Gdakon (Poland) Taking Dealer Sign-ups

Hi there! I’m happy to announce that we’re opening the registration process for the Dealer’s Den at Gdakon 2022.

Now..for some information regarding this topic. With the change of the hotel, the spot for both the DD and Art Show will naturally be different. We won’t be having a designated room like last time, and instead it will be a semi-open space. There will be some security measures in place, just in case some of you want to leave your stuff there.

As always you can register for a spot by filling out a form on the con page, in your profile at

If you plan to take part i also suggest you check out @GdakonDealersDen for more information and details coming up in the near future.

Last but no least..have any questions?
Feel free to throw those at @Shaedo2 or @lestrate

COVID-19 Report: Gdakon, Anthro NE

Here we go again 2 fur cons scheduled for 2021 Canceled, Gdakon is normally held in Jan, while Anthro NE is held in February.

Gdakon posted the following.

Meanwhile Anthro New England Posted the following